Las Vegas vs Phoenix: What Market is better for Home Buyers

Though the bigger questions is “are you an investor?” For those purchasers who live in the southwestern United States and see real estate as a sound choice as an investment, these two markets have attracted buyers a plenty.

Phoenix or Las Vegas Real Estate?

arizona vs nevada real estateThere are several questions that you want to ask yourself including, do you need a property management company, how much do you want to spend on a property, and how much are you going to get in rent, and basically what will be the return on your investment?

Factors when considering these locations include items such as: Las Vegas is more than just the Strip, while the Phoenix Valley has established a strong economic infrastructure by lieu of going through (2) severely depressed housing markets. This gave them the ability to foresee the cyclically nature of each market and place a premium on attracting business to their town.

Though it can be said that Las Vegas has a larger influx of annual visitors and new citizens each year, Phoenix is a market that is (3) times the size of las vegas, and therefore may provide a larger market potential.

Whichever area you choose, finding a real estate agent that specializes in the specific part of town you are looking to buy in as well as finding a competent property management company will give you the building blocks for success.