Halloween Safety Tips for Landlords and Property Owners


Landlord Halloween front Door
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We want all of our landlords to A) Stay safe and B) protect their properties throughout the year.  However, Halloween presents unique challenges to property owners.  There are lots of people, especially little people, intentionally running around on your property.  This can present insurance liability and safety risks.  When researching the topic, we came across the following article on Halloween safety tips for landlords and thought of some great advice to pass on to our readers. They recommend three main ideas, and we’ve added another:

1. Time Block  your Trick or Treating Hours

Agree to set hours with your neighbors for when the neighborhood will be open for Trick or Treaters.

2. Clear a Path to your Front Door

Check around your yard for anything that can be tripped on, or that someone could possibly hurt themselves with.

3. Don’t use real candles

You definitely want plenty of light on your property, but open flames always add danger. All those costumes hanging off of your guests have the potential to catch fire.  Reduce the risk by using battery powered candles/lights.

4. Pass out Candy Outside of the House

You can bypass the risk of people coming onto your property all together by setting up outside near your driveway or walkway.  This way, you can dictate whether or not anyone leaves the (community property) sidewalk and onto your property.

Happy Halloween to all of you Landlords and Readers out there!  Stay Safe!!!

We’re open to more ideas, let us know if you have any advice to pass on!

The Best Property Manager in Phoenix

Best Property Managers in Phoenix
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When we set out to establish our blog, we tried to take the perspective of our clients.  What do our clients want to know?  That’s why we started the “What to look for in a Property Manager” series, and other posts that give home owners and landlords tips and tricks, and common sense advice about investment property and home ownership.  Beyond that, we tried to think about the kinds of things that landlords looking for a property manager might search.  That’s why you are looking at this post The Best Property Manager in Phoenix.  You probably searched that exact phrase (or a close match to it).  Good for you, that’s a great place to start, but don’t rely fully on this method.

The problem with the search term is that you get an overload of information – ads, yelp reviews, angie’s list, some self promotion, and some great SEO (websites optimized for search).  The search doesn’t really answer your question.  In fact, it probably leads to even more questions.  So what should you do to find the best property manager in Phoenix?  Well, start with this property management blog for some great advice.  Then, get a recommendation from a friend.  Ask other landlords and real estate investors about their experiences.  There’s no better recommendation than an honest one from an actual client.  Don’t know any?  Ask all the property managers you interview for referrals.  If they can’t find at least one client willing to speak well of them then they might not be a company you should trust with your properties.  Websites and reviews can be manipulated, so take them with a grain of salt.  Ultimately, trust your gut.  Don’t go with a manager just because they promise a low price.  Go with someone you like talking to, and that you find trustworthy and responsive because those are the qualities that make a great property manager.

Property Management: Does Size Matter?

Professional Property Management
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Does size matter when it comes to choosing a property management company?  If you’re a property owner, there’s a good chance you’ve asked yourself this question when vetting property managers.  After all, there are property management companies of all sizes out there ranging from huge conglomerates to one-man shops. Is size a good metric to judge a company?  Luckily, you don’t have to use this metric to rule anyone out…Because size actually doesn’t matter…experience matters.

According to the CCIM, there are over 25,000 property management companies in the united states.  There are so many to choose from that deciding on a single property manager can be difficult.  You might be inclined to lean towards the large team at the conglomerate, but if those companies are filled with licensed managers who don’t know what they are doing, or don’t have a knowledgeable broker or office head supervising the office, things can fall apart quickly.  Things that traditionally go wrong are: Continue reading “Property Management: Does Size Matter?”