Las Vegas Real Estate Rental Market Improves

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Some new data recently came out about the Las Vegas real estate market.  According to MPF Research, an industry-leading market intelligence division of RealPage, Inc, real estate rental revenues for the apartment market grew 3.6% in Q4 of 2013.  Occupancy rates jumped to 92.6%, and rents were up 1.9%.  These weren’t fantastic numbers for a region that is still in recovery from the real estate market bust of the previous decade.  However, they are positive signs that the market is slowly inching back.

Property Managers in Phoenix

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There are many property managers in the Phoenix area.  This has to do with demand – Phoenix has been a trendy region for investment property due to the growth in population and relatively low property values.  The volatility of the real estate market has created change and opportunity for property management in Phoenix.  So, who are the best property managers in Phoenix?  It depends on how you are measuring.

TOP Phoenix Property Managers (by Google Rank)

Should we go by search engine rank?  If that’s the case, then we would define the following as the leaders in Phoenix property management:

  1. RPM Phoenix
  2. Desertwide
  3. Bennett 2 Rentit
  4. AZ EZ Rentals
  5. Saving Grace Investments

Search engine rank is usually decent indicator of success.  Google makes a business out of vetting websites for credibility and popularity.  However, Google is always tweaking it’s algorithm to make search better.  Thus, these rankings will change.

Top Phoenix Property Managers (by Yelp Rating)

  1. VW Team
  2. The Drummond Group
  3. Rock Bottom Realty
  4. Goldenwest Management
  5. GoRenter

Yelp ratings give some insight into what clients think about a company.  However, Yelp reviews can be rather fickle.  First of all, angry tenants seem to love to vent on Yelp, which isn’t necessarily the best indication of whether or not a property owner should choose to work with a property manager.  Second, Yelp ratings change with every new review.  This list won’t look like this for long.

The bottom line is that no website or service can absolutely tell you which property management company in Phoenix will do the best job for you.  As we stated in our article “The best Property Manager in Phoenix” your best advice will be word of mouth from your friends and peers.  Choosing a property manager is an important decision, so don’t just pick from a list.  Do your own due diligence and ask around, interview several, and come to a decision based on your own personal research.