Happy Memorial Day

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Today is a national holiday designated to remember those brave men and women who passed away serving our great nation.  At Goldenwest Management, we want to say a special thanks to all of those who serve in the U.S. military.  We know that you risk your lives for our country on a daily basis.  Your sacrifice is not lost on us.  Thank you, bless you, and happy Memorial Day from Goldenwest Management.

P.S., our offices will be answering calls in the event of emergencies.  Please let us know if you have an issue.

Challenges in being a landlord

landlord and tenant property
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At Goldenwest Management, we’ve managed properties for hundreds of landlords, and worked with hundreds more tenants over the past decade.  Most of you who follow this blog know that being a landlord isn’t easy.  Tenants come in a variety of personality and quirks.  If you are lucky enough to find the one that improves your property, then thank your lucky stars because these types of tenants are a rarity.  Most tenants will fall into an average range where the rent is paid on time, and no major issues arise.  The trick is to avoid the problem tenants.  These may be difficult to spot unless you have a seasoned screening process.  Even then, bad tenants can slip through the cracks.  For example, one article from the Durango Herald talks about undocumented pets, and tenants putting holes through the drywall.  Another article from the Hamilton Spectator, shares a sad story about a landlord whom lost her home after months of tenants not paying rent (and disappearing).  We’ve also heard stories of tenants selling illegal drugs, conducting illicit behavior, stealing materials from the property, and more.  These can be troubling situations, so make sure that you protect yourself appropriately (see our article on how to choose great tenants and/or how to handle a problem tenant).  If you really find that you are in over your head, use a property manager to help.

Goldenwest Management a member of VAREP

VAREP logoMost of our longstanding clients know that Goldenwest Management has deep ties to the military veteran community.  Owned by a Marine veteran, Goldenwest Management has always participated in military fundraisers like Wounded Warriors, etc.  Along those same lines, we are happy to announce that GWM is now a part of the Veterans Association of Real Estate Professionals.  It is a great honor and privilege to continue to serve our military families, and we believe this association will allow us to serve even more in the future.  Please let us know if you would like more information on what this association means to you.  Regardless, please expect that we will continue to serve all of our landlords and tenants with the utmost care and concern.

The Spotlight is on Goldenwest Management

GWM Office PhotoGoldenwest Management’s Phoenix office was recently featured as a Spotlight on Thumbtack’s page for the top Property Managers in Phoenix and Scottsdale.   The team is thrilled and honored to have earned this distinction, but is back to work trying to earn those great reviews that we’ve been seeing on our Thumbtack review page for the Phoenix GWM office.
If you have had a great experience with one of your Phoenix Goldenwest Management representatives, please let them know by posting onto the website.  If you are new to Goldenwest Management, feel free to learn more about our property management services on our contact page.  thumbtack-logoThank you for all of your support, and come back and visit us soon!