Las Vegas, Nevada Rental Property – 3 Tips For Increasing The Value Of Your Single Family Home


By Jayson Yoss

Las Vegas, Nevada – So you want to renovate your Las Vegas, Nevada Rental Property but aren’t sure what renovations you should make to your single family home.

There’s no denying that the Real Estate market is changing, and the renovations property owners were making to their homes last year are not always the same as those in demand this year. In Today’s post we will share with you 3 tips you can use to increase the value of your single family home.

Tip #1 – Make Your Home More Energy Efficient

 In 2015 most renters are not just searching for a home which has 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and plenty of square feet, they are searching for rental homes which are energy efficient and environmentally friendly as well.

You should consider adding energy efficient windows, low flow water faucets and one or more dual flush water closets to your home because, this will help your rental property to be more energy efficient, while helping your renter to save money as they lower their carbon footprint at the same time.

You also have to point out these cost saving features to your Tenant. If you show them that they are saving $80 per month in their electric bill, they want to choose your home over a comparable property down the street.

#2 – Kitchens and Bathrooms – Your money maker

We all know that most people spend a lot of time in their kitchens for everything besides just cooking this is why you should renovate the kitchen for your Vegas Home. But not everyone wants to spend $25,000 on upgrades so here are some good pointers:

  • Back splash – you may not change the counter, but a nice back splash will make your kitchen “pop.”
  • Upgrade the lighting – recessed lights, drop lights, but whatever you do get rid of those old fluorescent light fixtures. You can even get bold and go with contrasting color pendant lights.
  • Accessorize – Add new knobs, handles, hinges wherever possible. For the bathroom, picture frame mirrors are the new trend and give you multiple options for later changes or upgrades.

#3 – Finish the Garage

Unlike in years past when the typical search criteria for a Las Vegas rental property didn’t mention anything garages except how many spaces, now you need to set your home apart.

Get rid of those unfinished walls; add a small set of cabinets, and if epoxy your garage floor. It is a cost effective way to set your home apart and make the renter who “loves her car” or “needs a space for tools and storage” to know that your house is “the one.”

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For Rent San Diego – How to Write Property Listings Prospective Tenants Will Want To Read

For Rent San Diego

By Goldenwest Property Management

Did you know that your property listing literally has 20 seconds or less to impress a prospective tenant before they move on to searching for another listing?

Yes, this is true.

Most people who are searching for properties for rent San Diego, or elsewhere in the United States, will glance at the first picture (otherwise known as the “Money shot”) you have posted of your property then briefly read the first 2 lines of your property description before deciding on if they want to review the property further or move on to another listing.

If you’re interested in increasing the effectiveness of your online listings here are 3 tips which will help you to write better property listings.

Tip #1 – Avoid Using CAPS!

One of the biggest problems with online property listings occurs when people use CAPS to describe their properties.


Although using capitalized letters does convey emotion, the reality is that when you use CAPS this is the same as shouting if you were having a conversation with someone face to face.

Tip #2 – Stop Using Abbreviations

Stop using abbreviations that are confusing in your listings, and when possible write the whole word again, like you may have been doing when you originally started in the business.

Abbreviations like “3br/2b” are what everyone else is using to market their properties online and you can make your listings stand out by taking 5 minutes to actually write about your properties so that prospective tenants are aware of what your home for rent San Diego can really offer them.

#3 – Write Shorter Sentences

Last of all, but most important, when writing property listings make sure you write short and sweet sentences, instead of long sentences.

Shorter sentences are important since people who are searching for properties For Rent San Diego are accustomed to reading shorter sentences online anyway, and you can use a short sentence as a bullet point to capture the reader’s interest with little points about what your property can offer them.


This 3 bedroom / 2 bath home has a big backyard with plenty of room for children to play.

The home offers a spacious kitchen with plenty of cabinet space and a large pantry.

For Rent San Diego

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For Rent Scottsdale – Learn More about What Renters Are REALLY Searching For


By GoldenWest Management

There’s no denying that more people than ever before are searching for properties for rent in Scottsdale and Paradise Valley, but the big question is what are they really looking for?

If you just purchased a Phoenix Valley Rental Property, or you’ve owned a home for a while but have been unable to rent it yet, here are 7 things renters are really searching for in rental properties.

#1 – An Updated Rental

In 2015 renters are searching for single family homes, town homes, condos and rental properties which are updated and include modern features especially in the kitchens and bathrooms. This includes newer or refinished cabinets and upgraded counter tops.

#2 – More Storage Space

Since many renters these days are also long term renters who are searching for properties which include: bigger closets (think walk-ins), garages with cabinets or attics, as well as any other onsite storage.

#3 – Usable Outdoor Space

Your Scottsdale or Paradise Valley Rental Home may have an outdoor space but is it really usable? If not, you should consider adding faux grass or pliable gravel for kids and animals to play on. In addition, stamped concrete or patios should include tables, chairs and a grill so your tenants can enjoy the outdoors more.

#4 – Safety

Yes, tenants are searching for updated rentals with good amenities but they are also searching for safe rentals as well. You should consider replacing old doors, locks and windows to make your tenants feel safer / more secure.

#5 – Clean Rental Property

It doesn’t matter if you are renting a single family home which was built in the 1950’s, or a new townhome which was built in 2014, your property for rent in Scottsdale must be clean when it’s ready to rent since a dirty rental can easily turn away prospective tenants. Don’t wait to have the home professionally cleaned, carpets steam cleaned, and bathrooms and tubs caulked.

#6 – Close To Everything

Let’s say that your rental is close to all of the best stores, shops and restaurants that Scottsdale has to offer. You should be promoting your rentals close proximity to everything when you market it either online or offline.

Market Your Property for Rent Scottsdale

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