Las Vegas Police, GLVAR And City Of Las Vegas Team Up To Eliminate Squatter Problem


LAS VEGAS – If you’ve lived in Las Vegas for any length of time you know that we have a problem with squatters and this is thanks in large part to the collapse of the Real Estate market in 2007 which resulted in many foreclosures in Las Vegas.

Even though the Real Estate market nationwide is back on track we still have a problem with squatters in Las Vegas due to distressed or foreclosed home. Thankfully a recent partnership with the police, Greater Las Vegas Association of Realtors (GoldenWest Management is a member!) and the City of Las Vegas is going to take steps to solve this problem.

A Partnership That Makes Sense

There’s no denying that a partnership with GLVAR and the police makes sense because Realtor’s® and Property managers are many times the first people who visit homes and it’s not uncommon for us to encounter squatters or damage to a home before the authorities become aware of it.

Thankfully with this partnership a Realtor® can contact the LVPD immediately and notify them that a squatter is living in a home so the police can head out to that property and start taking steps to remove the squatter.

A Criminal Offense

Thanks to Assembly Bill 386 it’s now a criminal offense for a squatter to re-enter a home that they have been previously removed from.

Realtors, Las Vegas property managers and homeowners are optimistic that this partnership between GLVAR, police and the City of Las Vegas will finally do something to solve the problem with squatters in the city because right now there are over 3,000 vacant or distressed homes in Las Vegas and that number is only expected to rise in 2016.

The Greater Las Vegas Association of REALTOR® (GLVAR) is a 12,500 member organization whose agents are often charged with listing and selling these homes. According to GLVAR President Keith Lynam, when real estate agents go to inspect the property, they find some of the homes are illegally occupied.

“More often than not, people inhabiting these dwellings are in the homes without the owner’s permission, they are not paying rent and they are engaged in some kind of criminal activity”, Lynam said. “In some cases, the unlawful occupants may claim to have leases, but in reality, the leases were most likely fraudulently given by someone claiming to either own the property or be a representative of the property owner.”

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GoldenWest Management is dedicated to working with our local law enforcement as well as GLVAR so that we are at the forefront of this issue. If you are self managing, would you have known about how to cure a problem like this? To get more information about Las Vegas Property Management contact Goldenwest Management today by clicking here or calling us at (702) 685-7696.

What Is The Arizona Landlord-Tenant Act?



By Goldenwest Management, Inc.

PHOENIX – There’s no denying that owning rental properties is a great way to build wealth, especially in Arizona. Sadly, many landlords think that just because they “own” the property they can manage the rental in whatever manner they seem fit or “fair.” For this reason, the Arizona landlord-tenant act comes in to play to set some basic guidelines for both Landlord and Tenant to fall.

If you’re not familiar with our Arizona residential landlord-tenant act, this law, lays out the framework for what landlords and tenants can and can’t do when it comes to issues during the lease of a mobile home, apartment, or single family home.

What Landlords Cannot Do

Thanks to the Arizona landlord-tenant act (A.R.S. §§ 33-1401 – 33-1501.), we know that landlords can and cannot do certain things under this act including:

  • Frequently disturb a Tenants right to “quiet enjoyment” of the home.
  • Landlords cannot ask a tenant’s sign a lease that requires them to waive their rights.
  • It’s also illegal for landlords to allow someone to live in the rental property rent free in exchange for the landlord not maintaining the rental property.
  • In Arizona landlords also may not choose to rent a property to anyone on the basis that the tenant has children.

What Are The Tennant’s Obligations?

Under the Arizona Landlord-Tenant Act we know that tenants do have many requirements placed on them including:

  • Tenants must keep their residence in a state of habitability to include clean and free of health hazardous material.
  • Dispose of all trash on the premises.
  • Keep all fixtures and plumbing in working condition including heating or air-conditioning systems.
  • Not negligently or deliberately destroyed the rental property or allow of friends, family member or associate stay on the property to in-depth destroying the rental property.
  • Report to the Landlord in a timely fashion repairs and damage.
  • Obey basic rules and regulations including HOA and development ordinaces.

If you think some of this is common sense, GoldenWest would agree. However, most situations and problems arise from issues that are in the “Gray Area” of the Landlord-Tenant law. This is where experience and history with working through fair housing and Tenant issues come into play. There isn’t a day that goes by where the GWM team doesn’t have a new “story” about an odd or unusual landlord-tenant issue.

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All Goldenwest Management, Inc Offices Closed On Veterans Day 2015

Veterans Day

By Goldenwest Management, Inc

On Wednesday 11/11/2015 all Goldenwest Management, Inc offices will be closed in honor of our nation’s veterans.

For generations, the men and women of America’s Armed Forces have demonstrated their willingness to put country before self; patriots who serve for the greater good and who don’t seek glory or recognition or personal gain. On Nov. 11, Veterans Day, our nation honors the contributions of the nearly 22 million veterans living today, and all those who made the ultimate sacrifice in the name of liberty and justice.

History has provided us with extraordinary examples of their selfless deeds. They’ve brought hope, faith and liberty to millions of people around the world. The true number of people who have benefitted cannot be calculated and the number of erected memorials or speeches delivered doesn’t begin to represent the true scope of service our nations’ veterans have provided.

The debt owed to the defenders of this great nation is ever-present and it is imperative that on this Veterans Day, we take the opportunity to keep alive the memories, sacrifices and accomplishments of our nation’s veterans.

Source –

How To Honor Veterans:

It’s the one day set aside each November to honor those who have served and continue to serve our nation. The holiday also offers a great opportunity to teach civilians about the sacrifice service members and their families make year-round. How do you plan to celebrate this year? Here are some ideas for activities to try at home, school and work.

At home

Wear a red poppy or yellow ribbon to show support for veteran and active duty service members.

Organize a care-package packing party. Check out these tips and ideas for putting together a great care package. If you don’t know someone currently stationed overseas, contact a nearby base or an organization like Blue Star Moms to identify troops in need.

Visit a veterans’ hospital. Chatting with elderly or injured veterans is a great way to brighten their day, plus you’re likely to hear some highly fascinating stories about their time in the service.

Get creative. Check out this article for some patriotic craft ideas. For young children, a fun project is a great way to start teaching about the holiday and its importance.

At school

Encourage your child’s teacher to develop a Veterans Day lesson plan. A timeline or short writing project is a great way for students to learn about the holiday’s history. This article offers a few other educational ideas.

Invite a veteran — a parent, grandparent or faculty member, perhaps — to speak to students about what it’s like to be in the military. Don’t know any veterans to invite? Contact your local VA; their Public Affairs Officer will likely be able to identify a good guest speaker. There are many veterans who work at VA facilities and would be happy to be to speak to students.

At work

Take time out of the day to acknowledge veterans in your workplace. Consider an office-wide coffee break featuring these remembrance poppy cookies or a yellow ribbon cake. You just need your favorite cake mix, yellow frosting and a ribbon pan. During the event, make sure to recognize each veteran employee. (Plan ahead to make sure you don’t miss anyone.)

Source – Veterans United

Happy Veterans Day!

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