Locksmith Scam Survival Guide: How to Protect Your Home and Family


When you hear the term pickpocket, you probably think of a sketchy character in a hooded sweatshirt on a crowded street or subway, looking to lay hands on whatever you might have in your wallet. But what about the guy who just rolled up in a nondescript car and unmarked t-shirt that you called because you are locked out of your house? Would you ever consider the possibility that he is there to pick more than just your locks?

The sad and terrifying fact of the matter is that 95% of all online locksmith ads are scams, meaning the $10 locksmith you selected from the top ad results on Google is not the trustworthy professional you want working on your home locks. 

The tamest of the scammers might only hit you with additional fees after finishing their work or do a subpar job working on your locks, but the most serious offenders won’t stop short of stealing your identity or even making their own copy of your keys with the intentions of returning later when you are not around. 

The best way to prevent a locksmith scam is by educating yourself and finding a locksmith you can trust before you need one. With Mr. Rekey’s Locksmith Scam Survival Guide, you will discover all the ins and outs of locksmith scams, what you should and shouldn’t expect from a locksmith, scam warning signs, and everything else you need to know in order to protect your home and identity. 

Should You Allow Subletting At Your San Diego Rental Property?

San Diego Property Management

SAN DIEGO, CA – When it comes to owning San Diego Rental Property one thing you know for certain as a landlord is that situations change, tenants come and go, and you may come a tenant who needs to change the terms of their Tenancy.

A common form of this can come in the way of subletting a room or the entire property. This happens for a myriad of reason stemming from the loss of a job, a roommate, the need to relocate, or just as a way to save money. If handled correctly, subletting is normal process when you are a residential landlord.

When Is Subletting Okay?

Some leases say that subletting is not allowed; or if it is allowed, only with the expressed permission of the Landlord. This is the key to success…you as a landlord have to be involved in approving the sublessee.  Make sure your rental agreement makes this a requirement for subletting.

What Should You Require For A Tenant To Sublet?

Besides having the new tenant sign a sublease application, you should still have time to do a background check on the new tenant before they sublet your San Diego Rental Property, and you should also require your tenant to take pictures of the property before they sublet it just so you know of the condition of the rental after the subletting tenant moves out.

Is It Better To Trade Out Tenants?

Often times, it may be more beneficial to simply release the current Tenant in order to start fresh with a new Tenant. The key is making sure that you as the Landlord are in a position to continue to get the rent. Whether it is trading out roommates on an existing lease or taking in a whole new set of Tenants, it is important to make sure that you are comfortable with the new Tenants. As mentioned before, the only way to do this is to have any new or potential renters go through the complete screening process. If they are equal to or better than the Tenants requesting to vacate or be removed from the lease, then you should have minimal issues moving forward.

Conducting Inspections

When you sublet, whether its changing out the Tenant or just roommates, then you most likely will not conduct a property inspection. It is the sublessor who is responsible for working through property condition and security deposit issues with the Sublessee. However, when you terminate leases to change out Tenants (ie old Tenant moves out, you sign an early termination addendum; new Tenants signs a new lease to move-in) this would be when you would conduct inspections. You would conduct a move-out walk thru and refund of the security deposit with the outgoing Tenants, and of course a move-in walk thru and collection of security deposit from the new Tenant.

Not matter what, make sure everything you agree to is not just in writing, but fully executed by all parties (landlord, tenant and sublessees).

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Should You Accept A Partial Rent Payment At Your Phoenix Rental Property?

partial rent payment

PHOENIX, AZ. – Do you own a Phoenix Rental Property and are wondering if you should accept a partial rent payment? More importantly, what are the ramifications of accepting partial payments?

It sounds pretty basic that if a Tenant told you they could give you half the rent today and the other half next week, it would seem like an easy decision. After all, many Landlords would rather take some money than no money. But Landlord-Tenant laws add a few wrinkles that you may want to consider before allowing partial payment.

Make Sure Everything Is In writing

Like anything you do in your business, you should always make sure that when arranging a partial rent payment, it should be in writing. State the amount of the first payment, and the amount of the remaining balance as well as specifically when that amount is due. Your written arrangement should also include any late fees associated with partial payment. Be 100% clear with your tenant on the amount of money they are expected to pay to catch up on their rent.

Partial Rent Payment

Always Fall Back On Your Lease

Partial payment can be a conundrum for many Landlords, but if you simply follow the language in your lease agreement, the terms and penalties are quite clear. By not accepting a partial payment, you have the right to charge fees and penalties as well as eviction. But if you accept partial payment, the terms of your lease for payment can be voided for certain situations.

Some of the consequences can include:

  • Loss of late fee or a daily late fee.
  • Forfeit the right to carry out an eviction.
  • Forfeiture of the ability to collect the remaining balance of rent.

Why Accepting a Partial Payment Is Not a Good Idea

Owning rental property is a business and like any business, if you fail to stick with your lease it’s possible that your tenant will take advantage of your kindness, never get caught up on paying their rent, and always be behind on their payments each month.

Often times the court will not allow you to evict a Tenant in the same month that ANY payment for rent was collected. The courts consider this partial payment and require a Landlord to wait until the next scheduled rent due date to begin the eviction process. This can sometimes be mitigated with a partial payment addendum, but not always.

In addition, many Tenants who are forced into a partial payment situation never recover. Once they start paying late or in a partial payment situation, they can’t get off that cycle, simply because the next month’s rental payment is that much closer.

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For Rent in Las Vegas – 6 Online Listing Mistakes You Should Avoid


LAS VEGAS, NV. – For some people, one of the hardest things to do is to promote their home, apartment, condo or town home for rent in Las Vegas on the Internet because they are good with many things but listing a property isn’t something they excel at.

If you find yourself if a similar situation you’re not alone, this article will provide you with listing mistakes you want to avoid so that you will be prepared when it comes time to list your rental.

Mistake #1 – Photos that use Poor Lighting

Yes, it’s true, using poor lighting is actually one of the top mistakes that most landlords and property owners make when promoting their listings online. When a prospective renter sees a rental that has terrible photos they don’t take the time to look at your home in depth; they will continue searching for another listing rather than inquiring about that rental.

To avoid this problem when photographing your rental property, hire a professional. If you don’t want to spend the month then remember to use plenty of lighting indoors and keep the curtains open on cloudy days so that it’s easy for someone to see all of the features that your rental offers them when they view the listing online.

Mistake #2 – Not Staging the Rental for Photos

The key to success with promoting a home for rent in Las Vegas online is actually staging the rental so that when you promote it the rental will look lived in. To do this you should either rent furniture to stage the property for the day or ask your current tenant if you can take pictures of the inside of the rental property before they move out. Taking photos of your home vacant isn’t the end of the world, but the pictures don’t “pop” as well. But you have to avoid background “trash.” Clutter, boxes, misplaced items that just make the pictures look tacky.

Mistake #3 – Taking Pictures With Your Phone

Although you may have a new phone, most don’t take great photos. More importantly, you may not know how to manipulate the phone to at least enhance the photos. If you or a friend has a nice digital camera, this can make all the difference. Again, hiring a professional for $125 – $200 is great.

Promote Your Property for Rent in Las Vegas

With GoldenWest, professional photos, and even aerial photography is all included! We hire the right people to make sure the best angles and money shots are achieved. Get started with promoting your property for rent in Las Vegas by calling Goldenwest Management today at (702) 685-7696 or click here.

What Are The Top Rental Trends In San Diego?

San Diego Rental Property

By Goldenwest Property Management

SAN DIEGO, CA – There’s no denying that the rental trends in San Diego have changed over the last 10 years and there are new trends that every owner should be aware of especially if they view their rental properties as a business and are serious about building long term cash flow from their portfolios.

Trend #1 – More Seniors Are Renting

Yes, it’s true, one of the top rental trends in San Diego is that more seniors are renting than ever before and they want to be closer to areas of San Diego where they can live an active lifestyle like Downtown. Today’s senior also wants to live in a walkable area that has convenient access to public transportation, nearby shops, cool stores and the businesses that they use regularly.

Trend #2 – Multiple Generations Are Living In One Home

With seniors renting more in this day and age, we’re also seeing multiple generations living at home with those seniors including Generation X and Baby Boomers. Why is this happening? It could be the result of the recent economic collapse but regardless of the reason if your home has dual living areas or a downstairs kitchenette, you shouldn’t hesitate to promote those benefits when you market your San Diego rental property online.

Rental Trends In San Diego

Trend #3 – More People Are Working From Home

Last of all, but most important, more renters in San Diego and across the United States are working from home than ever before. To be exact, a recent study from Global Workplace Analytics shows that up to 25% of the population is working from home so if your San Diego Rental Property has space for an office, ample storage space or is wired for high-speed internet you should hesitate to promote those advantages when marketing your rental property online.

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