How to Fill Vacancies at Your Las Vegas Rental Property Fast

By Golden West Management

LAS VEGAS, NV. – Do you have one or more vacancies at your Las Vegas Rental Property? If so, there’s no doubt that vacancies can be a HUGE headache but the good news is that you can get those units filled by following these simple tips.

Tip #1 – Check Your Ads

Are you still running the same ads online for your rentals that you were years ago? Do you have professional photos? Are there spelling and grammatical errors? Take the time to view your rental through the eyes of prospective tenants and write a new ad that will catch the eyes of renters.

Besides writing new ads to market your rentals, you should also include a video walkthrough or aerial photo of your rental property.

A row of colorful new townhouses or condominiums.
Tip #2 – Double Check Your Rent

Always double check your rent before listing a new rental. Being overpriced potentially equals vacancy. If you are asking for more rent than other rentals your inquiries and applications will be drastically reduced.

Take a good look at the surrounding “like” properties and conservatively price your home based on what is being rented in your vicinity.

It’s always the landlord who “needs” to cover their mortgage or “feels” that the upgrades they put in make the home worth “way more” end up overpricing and having their rental sit for too long.

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Tip #3 – Make Sure Your Las Vegas Rental Shows Well

You might think your rental looks “retro” but prospective renters will just think your rental looks old especially if it’s in dire need of major updates.

You don’t have to add “granite counters” and “stainless steel appliances” just to procure quality Tenants, but the upgrades do help to not just raise the rental rate, but attract more applicants.

But most importantly, people want nice and clean…so have you had the home professionally cleaned? What about the carpet and tile? Is the landscape browning or overgrown?

Curb appeal matters and if you are getting lots of calls, but after showings people aren’t putting in applications, take a hard look at the property itself.

Condo building with windows and venetian blinds built with natural brick stones. Green plants hedges in front

Tip #4 – Consider Changing policies that exclude the prospective renter pool

Don’t allow pets at your Las Vegas Rental Property? Trying to rent the home furnished? Not including the detached garage so you can use it as storage?

These are all examples of policies or rental decisions made by a landlord that can reduce the number of prospective renters looking for your home.

For example, a 2016 study by Zillow stated that over 35% of prospective renters have pets…so if you say no pets, there goes a third of your eligible prospects.

Want the home to be furnished? A similar study showed only 15% of prospects searching for a fully or partially furnished rental.

Tip #5 – Ask Your Tenants for Referrals

In the world of property management, most landlords know that good people, generally know good people, so if you have one or more tenants who are responsible and pay their rent on time each month you shouldn’t hesitate to ask them if they know anyone who is looking for a rental property.

If your tenants do refer people to you it’s also a good idea to offer them a small rent credit to make it worth their time so they will consider referring people to you in the future.

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2017 Fire Prevention and Safety Tips for Your Rental Property

By GoldenWest Management

Fire season is here and with 100+ degree temperatures happening daily in Southern California, Phoenix and Las Vegas it’s more important than ever for owners to focus on fire prevention at their rental properties.

two silhouette on housefire background

2017 Fire Prevention and Safety Tips

Tip #1 – Replace your shake shingle roof because these types of roofs can be found on homes built in the 1980’s and they should be replaced immediately because they have been known to catch fire quickly.

Tip #2 –  Think “smart” when adding landscaping by using more gravel and fire-resistant plants to create fire breaks and make it easier for firefighters to reach your home should a fire occur.

Tip #3 – Clear debris from your gutters – This tip is very important because leaves and tree branches can easily catch fire after drying out and they become the perfect “fuel” for embers blowing through the air during a wildfire.

Tip #4 – Consider installing a roof-mounted sprinkler system – A roof mounted sprinkler system is the ultimate in fire defense and you may be able to qualify for a FEMA grant to have one installed at no cost.

Tip #5 – Choose fire resistant materials when renovating your deck, fencing, or siding since this will give first fighters a few extra minutes that they need to save your rental property from burning down if it catches fire.

Tip #6 – Restrict open burning at your rental property during the summer months including grilling on balconies or wooden decks.

Tip #7 – Make sure you have the right insurance protection including fire insurance, loss of income insurance, and landlord insurance.

Tip #8 – Verify that smoke detectors and or fire alarms are installed and working in every room of your rental property.

Tip #9 – Purchase a fire extinguisher for the kitchen.

Tip #10 – If you own a two-story rental property you should purchase a ladder for every upstairs room.

Tip #11 – Prohibit smoking inside of the rental property.

Tip #12 – Post an escape plan so tenants are well aware of how to leave the property should a fire occur.

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Reliable Glendale Arizona Property Management

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Nevada Marijuana Laws 2017 – What’s Legal?

By GoldenWest Management

LAS VEGAS, NV. – On July 1st, 2017 recreational marijuana became legal in the state of Nevada and it seemed like everyone celebrated as ling lines could be seen at marijuana dispensaries across the state.

Although many are still celebrating this victory it has landlords wondering what’s legal and what’s not legal when it comes to marijuana in the state of Nevada.


One marijuana plant in four growing phase
One marijuana plant in four growing phase

Buying Marijuana In Nevada

If you’re 21 or older, and you have a valid ID, you can buy an ounce of marijuana for your own recreational use at home.

closeup of marijuana joint and buds on a checkerboard table with a shallow depth of field

Growing Marijuana 

Can you grow marijuana in Nevada?

The answer to this question is yes you can grow marijuana at home but there’s a BIG CATCH, you have to live 25 miles away from a licensed marijuana dispensary.

Since the large number of licensed dispensaries in cities like Las Vegas almost make this impossible for the average Las Vegas resident it still would be “technically” illegal to grow marijuana at home

Rules for growing marijuana at home:

  • You can grow no more than 6 marijuana plants at a time.
  • Have no more than 12 plants in your possession.
  • You can keep everything you grow.
  • Plants must be in your possession.
  • You may not give away more than one ounce.
  • Plants must be grown in an enclosed area.

Possession Is Legal but The Laws Have to Be Followed

If you’re a Nevada resident you can be in possession of marijuana in your own home especially if you plan on smoking pot in your yard, porch or at the home of someone else but it’s still illegal to smoke pot on the streets of Las Vegas and that can also come with a fine of up to $600.

It’s also still illegal to smoke marijuana while in a moving vehicle, especially if you have passengers with you, but you can legally possess up to an ounce of marijuana if you’re pulled over by the cops.


Can Property Owners Prohibit Marijuana from Being Grown in Their properties?

Let’s say that you’re a landlord and are concerned that your tenants might want to grow marijuana in your rental properties.

You’re not alone in this concern since many landlords across the United States still will not allow marijuana to be used or grow at their rental properties but to protect yourself you must first have a rock-solid lease with a clause which states that marijuana of any kind is prohibited to be either grown or used in the home.

Since most landlords prohibit smoking of any type of cigarettes or cigars in their rental properties anyway it’s perfectly acceptable to prohibit smoking or growing marijuana in a rental property especially if the landlord refers to existing federal laws which still prohibit marijuana use.

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