Is It The Landlords Responsibility to Provide Heat in Their Rental Property?

With winter quickly approaching, one of the top questions that tenants have across the United States is if landlords are required to provide heat in their rental properties. The answer to this question is yes.

Thanks to the Implied Warranty of Habitability, landlords are required to provide heat in their rental properties along with ensuring that their properties are warm, dry, pest-free, clean, and habitable.

Laws Vary State to State

Even though landlords in California are required to provide heat, in other states, the laws vary, and landlords are not required to produce warmth all year long. For example, in New York, landlords are required to provide heat in their rental properties only from the end of October through the end of May of the following year.

Tips for Getting Rental Properties Ready for Winter

Besides cleaning and tuning up their HVAC units, landlords should also do the following to make sure their properties are ready for winter:

Inspect – If the rental property hasn’t been inspected since the spring, an inspection should be scheduled because it’s also an excellent opportunity for the landlord to check the doors and windows on the multifamily rental property as well to make sure that their seals are in proper working order.

Clean the gutters – In San Diego, Phoenix and Las Vegas it’s possible to get a lot of rain during the winter and spring, this is why it’s a good idea for owners to have the gutters on their rental properties cleaned now so that those gutters will be ready for the rain when it comes.

Change batteries in smoke detectors – Fires can occur at a moment’s notice during the winter, especially when portable space heaters are used. This is why it is encouraged that tenants change the batteries in their smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors to confirm that they can do their jobs should smoke or carbon monoxide enter the rental. 

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