How To Get Rid Of Bad Smells In An Apartment Unit

One of the most difficult things to do as a landlord is to get rid of bad smells from an apartment.

Ridding an apartment of a bad smell is important because, if you don’t get rid of that smell now, it could lead some prospective tenants to think that something is wrong with your property while they are touring it.

Yes, some smells can be frustrating to eliminate, but the good news is that it’s possible to get rid of bad smells if you follow these tips.

Air The Apartment Out

One of the best things that you can do as a landlord is to air out a smelly apartment.

Even though this is a simple solution, there may be ‘residual’ smells left from the previous tenant, that can be eliminated simply by airing the apartment out for the day.

Deep Clean The Apartment

Another helpful thing that you can do to get rid of a bad smell in an apartment is to deep clean the unit.

Start by wiping all hard surfaces down then hire a professional cleaning company to clean the flooring and window coverings.

It’s not uncommon for flooring and blinds to hold onto smells from the previous tenant that lived there so hiring a professional cleaning company is worth the investment.  

What To Do If The Smell Lingers

Let’s say that you aired the apartment out, and had it deep cleaned, but found that the unit still has a bad smell.

One more solution that you can use to eliminate that smell is to replace the flooring because it may be possible that the flooring has absorbed the smell and is responsible for the apartment continuing to smell bad even after you had it professionally cleaned.

Carpeting is especially ‘notorious’ for absorbing smells so if it’s been a while since you replaced it, you shouldn’t hesitate to replace the carpeting because it’s a proven way to eliminate bad smells and improve the look of an apartment as well.

Besides replacing carpeting, you should also consider replacing cabinetry in the apartment because it’s possible that the smell may have absorbed into the cabinetry, and you’re not going to eliminate it until the cabinets have been replaced.

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The Five Hardest Parts Of Being A Landlord

Rental properties are great investments that generate monthly cash flow. They enable investors to build wealth, but they can require a lot of work.

Many investors make the mistake of thinking that they can be DIY landlords, or do everything themselves when it comes to managing their properties.

If you’re thinking about managing your rental properties yourself, this article will provide you with the five hardest parts of being a landlord.

#1 – Finding And Screening Quality Tenants

The first challenging part of being a landlord is finding and screening quality tenants.

Renting to quality tenants is important because this step is going to lead to you earning the most ROI from your rental property possible.

Once you start communicating with prospective tenants, the key to success with choosing the right tenant involves following these criteria:

  • They must have a good credit history and score
  • Their income must be solid. In most areas, a tenant is expected to earn 3X the monthly rent.
  • A prospective tenant should be able to pass your rental verification without anything coming up that could be cause for concern, such as a past eviction.

#2 – Managing Maintenance

After you find qualified tenants, the next difficult aspect of being a landlord is managing the maintenance of your rental property.

Staying on top of maintenance is important because, if you fall behind on maintenance or don’t keep your word to resolve maintenance problems, you may end up having an unhappy tenant. This tenant could potentially withhold rent until you resolve their maintenance issue.

As a landlord, you should have relationships with contractors in the area who you can call when you need maintenance or repairs at your rental property.

Besides having a vendor matrix, you should also have an infrastructure in place that will dispatch maintenance professionals immediately to resolve maintenance problems.

#3 – Staying Up To Date With State And Local Laws

Another hard part of self-managing rental properties is The laws are changing regularly for landlords. Today’s owners have to know what’s happening with issues like rent control, eviction moratoriums, and Fair Housing laws.

Keeping up with Federal, State, and local laws are important because failure to know the latest laws which affect landlords could easily result in you being sued by your tenants or fined by the local government.

#4 – Dealing With Non-Payment And Evictions

We’ve provided you with three challenging aspects of being a landlord but #4 is so far the most difficult.

When a tenant doesn’t pay rent on time, you have to know how to collect the rent and post the correct notices at the right times.

If a tenant continues to not pay their rent, you also have to be ready to take them through the eviction process. This can be another complicated process in itself, especially if you’re unfamiliar with evictions and have never gone through the eviction process with a tenant.

#5 – High Maintenance Tenants

Last, of all, a very hard part of being a landlord is dealing with high maintenance tenants.

High maintenance tenants are people who can require assistance at all hours of the day, night, weekends, or on holidays.

No landlord likes to deal with high maintenance tenants because they can take up all of a landlord’s time and energy.

Dealing with high maintenance tenants immediately is important because a problem tenant could lead to complaining neighbors, HOA rules violations, and other problems that may lead to the landlord having to evict the tenant.

What Is The Solution To The Problem?

Instead of having to deal with the hard parts of being a landlord, the solution is to hire a property management company.

With a professional property manager, you can have confidence that they will handle all aspects of your property including tenant selection, maintenance, rent collection, evictions, and staying up to date with local laws.

When you hire a property management company like GoldenWest Management, you can enjoy earning passive income from your rental properties while having peace of mind in knowing that your property is being managed by a professional.

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Short Term Vs. Long Term Rentals – Which One is More Profitable?

Are you planning on investing in rental properties for the first time? If so, you may be wondering if short-term or long-term rental properties are better.

In this article, we will answer this question and provide you with insight into which type of rental property you should invest in.

Understanding The Differences Between Short Term And Long-Term Rentals

Short Term Rentals – Over the last five years, the most popular short-term rental properties in the world have been Airbnb’s.

Although short term rentals have been very popular in recent years, more cities across the United States are starting to heavily regulate them.


Short term rentals have been cited as one reason for the reduction in rental inventory in cities like San Diego and Las Vegas. Plus, short term rental owners also pay less money in taxes compared to long term rental owners.

Short term rentals have been hit hard by the economic impacts of Covid-19. As the few remaining travelers seek out sterile environments, the appeal of staying in a short term rental has declined.

Will the short-term rental market return to where it was in 2019? Only time will tell. With a lack of a Covid-19 vaccine on the market, along with economic instability in the future, 2021 will likely be another difficult year for short term rental homes nationwide.

Long Term Rentals – In our opinion, long term rentals are a better investment property. They generate consistent income for the duration of the lease, are less time consuming to manage, the tenant pays for utilities, and there are fewer maintenance concerns due to wear and tear.

The United States is slowly transitioning into a nation of renters. This is a good reason to invest in long term rentals because people are always going to need a place to live. There’s nothing better for investors than to own an asset that’s always in demand.

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