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At GoldenWest Management, Inc. we pride ourselves in affordable Property Management, and Investment property in the Phoenix, San Diego and Las Vegas areas.

We offer a full range of property management and investment services.  Please feel free to browse through our collection of resources here on our blog.  For more information on our properties and services, please visit:  GoldenWest Management’s primary site.

GoldenWest Management Offers Professional Property Management

At GoldenWest Management we will save you the time, money and hassle of managing  rental properties yourself because we know how difficult it can be to manage a rental property especially as you continue to add more rentals to your portfolio.

GoldenWest Management Specializes In

  • Rent Collection – We will make sure that rent is collected on time every month and a check will either be mailed to you or deposited into your account.
  • Rental Property Marketing – At GoldenWest Management our marketing professionals will market your property online with excellent pictures and video, saving you the time, money and hassle of marketing your rental property yourself.
  • Maintenance – With our maintenance staff you will never have to worry about fixing a leaking toilet, repairing a garbage disposal or replacing a water heater again because our team of maintenance professionals will do those jobs for you.
  • Financial – You will receive full accounting from us including detailed documentation of invoices, 1099 and so much more.
  • Tenant Screening – We will choose the most qualified tenants for your rental property.
  • Customer Service – Last of all, but most important is customer service, our property management professionals will be there to assist your tenants 24-7 so you don’t have to.

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Property management costs a lot less than what you think! To get a property management quote regardless if your rental is in Las Vegas, San Diego or Phoenix contact us today by calling (855) 545-5303 or visit our main website at