Are Landlords Required to Provide Air Conditioning in San Diego?

If you own rental properties in San Diego or you think about renting a property in the area, you may be wondering if landlords are legally required to provide air conditioning in rental properties?

The answer to this question is no, landlords in San Diego are not legally required to provide air conditioning in rental properties but, if a rental property currently has an air conditioner installed, the landlord is required to maintain that air conditioner. (Source: Landlordology)

A Landlords First Requirement Is to Make Sure That the Rental Is Habitable 

In California, a landlord’s first responsibility is to make sure that their rental property is in “habitable condition”. This means that it must be pest free and have all the things that a typical home or rental property normally has including: running water, working electricity, a roof that doesn’t leak, and most important of all the property must be safe for the tenants live in.

If a landlord in San Diego has met these requirements, they can consider themselves to be following the law but, the reality is that most landlords do include air conditioning with their rental properties because in 2019 just about every tenant views air conditioning as a basic human right.

Although residents of Chula Vista, Oceanside or San Marcos may not use the air conditioners on a regular basis during the summer months, a resident of towns like El Cajon or Ramona will definitely be using their air conditioners a lot during the summer because temperatures in these towns can easily reach into the triple digits four consecutive days each summer.

Yes, it’s true, that landlords in California are not legally required to provide air conditioning in their rental properties but, there are some states where a landlord is legally required to provide air conditioning and the states include Nevada, Phoenix and some parts of Texas.

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Should a landlord do repairs at the rental property?

By GoldenWest Management, Inc

As a longtime property management company who manages over 1,000 rental properties in three states we’ve been asked many property management questions over the years and one of those top questions is “should a landlord do repairs at the rental property?”. The answer to this question is always no.

Landlords in most states (including California) are required to make sure that a rental property can be classified as being in “habitable condition” before the tenant moves in but the reality is that a landlord should not attempt to perform maintenance at the rental property themselves.

Why Landlords Should Not Make Repairs Themselves

Even though most landlords want to offer their tenants a habitable rental property the reality is that it’s not a good idea for the landlord to perform maintenance themselves because of the following reasons:

  • Most landlords are inexperienced in State / Local contracting laws so it’s best to let a property management company handle repairs to ensure that they are done up to code.
  • Hiring a property management company to make the repairs at the rental property takes the landlord out of the picture and ensure that repairs or maintenance are completed by a professional.
  • Outsourcing repairs and maintenance to a property management company ensures a high-level of service for the tenant. This has proven to increase lease renewals because tenants like to have their needs cared for on time by professionals.
  • Choosing a property management company to handle repairs and maintenance will ensure that landlord-tenant laws are followed and a notice to enter is posted on the property before the maintenance or repair person enters the property.

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Can You as A Landlord Pick the Tenant?

By GoldenWest Management

Are you planning on renting your San Diego Rental Property and are wondering if you as the landlord can pick the tenant?

The answer to this question is yes, of course, but only if you choose the tenant based on the results of their credit check and application criteria.

Preoccupied, worried young male worker staring at computer screen in his office

Set Criteria and Stick with It

One of the best ways to save yourself the time, money and hassle of choosing the wrong tenant is to set criteria for what you’re searching for in a tenant and then stick with it.

You should be searching for a tenant who meets the following criteria:

  • They must have verifiable income that’s at least two and a half times the amount of rent.
  • A credit score that’s over 600 (or better).
  • Must never have been evicted or gone to rent court.
  • The tenant should be at least 18 years of age.
  • Should be able to provide you with references for their last 2 landlords plus references for their current and last two employers.

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Charge the Tenant an Application Fee

When getting ready to screen tenants for your San Diego Rental Property you should charge an application fee because this is the first “hurdle” that the tenant must get over and prove that they are serious about renting your property.

Once they’ve paid the fee you should then start the process of reviewing their references and determining if they would be the right tenant or not.

Before pulling a copy of their credit report make sure that they sign off on a separate document which authorizes you to view their reports and credit scores with the 3 major credit bureaus.

House for rent

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Housing Officials Warned of Blanket Ban on Ex-Offenders

In the past it wasn’t uncommon for some landlords across the United States to have a some type of ban on renting to anyone with a criminal record but times have changed and thanks to recent changes by the Federal Government criminals can sue landlords for discrimination because failure to rent to anyone with a criminal record is a violation of the Fair Housing Act.

Arrests Must Not Ban Be Reason to Ban Applicants

Thanks to recent guidelines released by Julian Castro, HUD secretary, landlords must make a distinction between arrests and convictions when deciding not to rent to an tenants because they have a criminal record.

Federal Officials give landlords some flexibility here by stating that a landlord can prove that their decision to not rent to someone can be considered to be justified based on the severity and or nature of the applicants crime but landlords need to tread carefully here because the legal system is changing and thousands of inmates are being paroled across the United States after serving time for minor drug convictions.

All Applicants Must Get Fair Consideration

Thanks to a recent interview we know that HUD Secretary Julian Castro supports this new legislation because he feels that some individuals with criminal records who are trying to re-enter society after a previous crime are being unfairly banned from some rental properties regardless of the nature or severity of their crimes.

Besides not renting to certain individuals with criminal records landlords must not ban Latino’s or Blacks because this practice has had what’s known as “disparate impact” on people of color in the past and has never been justified.

Landlords are still allowed to ban or exclude anyone who is found to be manufacturing or selling drugs since drug related crimes are the only ones that are exempt under the Fair Housing Act.

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Review Sites: Don’t Choose a Property Manager in Phoenix or Las Vegas based on Yelp

Let me open this post by highlighting the recent news coverage for Yelp.  The most recent lawsuit against Yelp alleges fraudulent reviews and extortion practices by Yelp.  This is on top of a class action lawsuit brought against Yelp in 2013 by a group claiming, among other things, that Yelp was pushing them to produce more reviews in order to maintain Elite status.  Before going on, let me level set for those not familiar with Yelp.  Founded in 2004 Yelp is an online community of business reviewers.  The idea behind it is that any customer of a business can find a forum for expressing their views on a business, and have those reviews go public in real-time.  The concept is great, and in an idealistic setting, seems like a very democratic and just system.  However, in reality it is anything but.

Money could be Affecting Yelp’s Reviews

Yelp is a business, and like any business, needs to make money.  The main driver behind the business, now, is in business accounts.  Through these accounts, Yelp offers enhanced business profiles, more photos, more videos, and better search rankings – all at a fairly substantial price for a small business.  Regardless of the cost, this seems like a fairly obvious business offering.  However, after that the value proposition dips into a very gray, if not black area, when it comes to ethical business practice.  There are many that allege that Yelp is requiring these business accounts in order to suppress negative reviews (or even get positive reviews “recommended”).  Others allege that the minute a business stops paying Yelp, that some of the reviews they earned through their payments to Yelp disappear.  Others allege that people having nothing to do with a company have the ability to post “recommended” reviews on a company, having never actually done business with the company.  Thus, competitors, or even paid agents could post poor reviews on the competition.  All of these are very valid reasons to treat Yelp reviews with a grain of salt.

Is Yelp even Accurate?

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How Landlords can Avoid being Victimized by Squatters Rights Law

Landlords beware.  There is a bizarre and nerve-racking trend going on in certain states like California where squatters are taking advantage outdated laws to live rent-free.  This little loophole in real estate law gained exposure in a recent incident involving an Airbnb landlord and tenant.  In this particular case, an Airbnb tenant refused to leave a Palm Springs condo after his month long-lease.  Not only did he refuse to leave, but he told the landlord via a text message that “he was legally occupying the condo” and threatened to press charges against the landlord.  The dispute is ongoing, and according to the San Francisco Chronicle, the landlord, likely, have to pay thousands in legal fees and follow a 3-6 month eviction process in order to remove the squatter.  Needless to say, this is a setback for the landlord, whom works as a physical therapist and owns just the one property in Palm Springs.

How to Prepare for Squatters

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Goldenwest Management a member of VAREP

Most of our longstanding clients know that Goldenwest Management has deep ties to the military veteran community.  Owned by a Marine veteran, Goldenwest Management has always participated in military fundraisers like Wounded Warriors, etc.  Along those same lines, we are happy to announce that GWM is now a part of the Veterans Association of Real Estate Professionals.  It is a great honor and privilege to continue to serve our military families, and we believe this association will allow us to serve even more in the future.  Please let us know if you would like more information on what this association means to you.  Regardless, please expect that we will continue to serve all of our landlords and tenants with the utmost care and concern.




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Security Deposit Guidelines for Landlords

Security deposits tend to be a point of contention among tenants and landlords upon move out of a rental property.  When a lease is terminated, one party is always seemingly unhappy.  As a landlord , we want to help you ensure that you are not the unhappy party at the end of the lease.  The best way to do this is to protect your interests.  This is done through knowledge.  To help educate you, we have a few tips.   Continue reading “Security Deposit Guidelines for Landlords”

How to Evict a Tenant

Every property owner hopes to only rent to perfect tenants.  However, history shows that bad tenants are commonly able to filter through the best tenant screening processes.  So, what do you do when you’ve had enough of a particular problem tenant? We’ve put together a list of factors to consider when you arrive at this type of situation.

Things to Consider before Evicting a Tenant

It Depends on Location – It’s important  to understand, when facing a tenant eviction, that there isn’t a “cookie cutter” process to handle tenant evictions everywhere.  Every state and county has local laws that dictate the process.  For specifics on select locations, please refer to our blog posts on how to handle evictions in Phoenix, Las Vegas, and San Diego.

Note that although different states and counties have varying degrees of regulations, there are some common themes that apply to tenant eviction.  The next eight points highlight these themes.

Give Notice –  If a tenant doesn’t pay  rent on time then issue a notice to pay or quit (in California, it’s a 3 day notice, but most other locations it is a 5 day notice).

File with the Courts – If the tenant still does not fulfill his or her obligations within the required notice time (add an extra 5 days if service is done via mail versus being posted or through a process server) then you should officially file with the local court.

Let the Legal System Take Over – After filing in court, the Tenant will be legally served and will have another chance to respond.  A court date will be set to hear the matter, and a judge will rule on an eviction (either in favor or not in favor of eviction).  If an eviction is granted the judge will usually give the Tenant 5-7 days to vacate the property

Make sure they Leave – If the home is not vacated by the end of the 5-7 days, then call the constable can be called to schedule a legal “lockout” where a city official will assist in the removal of the tenant by posting a 24 hour notice statement on the property, and follow up to give the Tenant a final 30 minutes to get out of the property before the locks are changed

The bottom line is that the tenant eviction process is time consuming process.  The Best Evictions are the ones that don’t happen.  Evicting a tenant will try your patience, and cost you lots of time and money.  You should always employ a solid tenant screening strategy that will limit the number of evictions you will have to endure.  Ultimately, evictions are easiest on the property owner when they are carried out by a professional property manager.  Utilize a property manager with a solid eviction program to make your life a whole lot easier.



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Rental Backed Securities and How it affects Landlords and Tenants

The Nation recently came out with a report about rental backed securities.  If you’re a property owner or renter in Phoenix, this is something that you need to know.  The Private Equity firm Blackstone is now a property manager under the name of Invitation Homes.  They’ve now created an investment product that is basically a collection of rental homes.  They own groups of homes in Atlanta, Chicago, Jacksonville, Charlotte, and Phoenix.

Why should we be concerned about this?  These rental backed securities are similar to the mortgage backed securities that sparked the last housing crisis and economic recession.  There have been reports of improper evictions  as well as poor property management practices.  Most concerning about this trend is the economic impact on the rest of us.  Home prices are increasing without the demand, and home ownership rates are dropping.  Some experts worry that this could create another housing bubble in the future.

Does this concern you?  Let us know your thoughts.


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