What Can You Do to Attract the Most Qualified Tenants In 2020?

The New Year is in full swing and as many landlords are dealing with lease renewals right now, or are going to have tenants who will be renewing their leases in the coming months, this article will provide you with a variety of tips for attracting the best tenants in 2020.

Tip #1 – Market the Area, Not Just the Rental

The first key to attracting the most qualified tenants in 2020 is to market the area where your rental property is located instead of just marketing the rental itself.

To effectively market your rental property, you should focus on the benefits that the area where your property is located has to offer potential tenants.

For example: Is your rental property in a convenient location that’s close to shops, stores and other fun things that people like to do in your city? What about ease of access? Can tenants easily get to the freeway or access bus lines and other forms of public transportation? These are important questions to ask before you write the first ad for marketing your rental online.

Once you’ve written a great rental advertisement, don’t forget about writing about the cool features that your property has to offer prospective tenants. The features that your property might have to offer may include built-ins, washer, and dryer, swimming pool or pay utilities.

Never make the mistake of using terms like “quaint”, “retro” or “cozy” because these terms will create pictures in the mind of your prospective tenants and make them think that your property is old or outdated.

Tip #2 – Focus on Improving Your Rental Property

When was the last time you made some serious upgrades to your rental property that went beyond just a coat of paint? If it’s been a while, it’s time to consider making some improvements like resurfacing the cabinets, adding new cabinet hardware, new appliances, flooring, smart appliances, and anything else that will upgrade your rental property and make it competitive with other properties in the area.

Tip #3 – Hire A Professional Photographer to Take Great Photos of Your Rental

Many owners make the mistake of taking photos of their rental properties on their iPhones and then calling it good. These pictures aren’t always effective because the camera on your phone can only go so far.

For best results with taking pictures of your rental property, it’s best to hire a professional photographer to spend an hour taking great shots of your property. You may even want to consider renting some furniture if your property is vacant just so you can stage your property for the pictures and give prospective tenants an idea of what they can do with the space that your property can offer them.

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Housing Officials Warned of Blanket Ban on Ex-Offenders

In the past it wasn’t uncommon for some landlords across the United States to have a some type of ban on renting to anyone with a criminal record but times have changed and thanks to recent changes by the Federal Government criminals can sue landlords for discrimination because failure to rent to anyone with a criminal record is a violation of the Fair Housing Act.

Arrests Must Not Ban Be Reason to Ban Applicants

Thanks to recent guidelines released by Julian Castro, HUD secretary, landlords must make a distinction between arrests and convictions when deciding not to rent to an tenants because they have a criminal record.

Federal Officials give landlords some flexibility here by stating that a landlord can prove that their decision to not rent to someone can be considered to be justified based on the severity and or nature of the applicants crime but landlords need to tread carefully here because the legal system is changing and thousands of inmates are being paroled across the United States after serving time for minor drug convictions.

All Applicants Must Get Fair Consideration

Thanks to a recent interview we know that HUD Secretary Julian Castro supports this new legislation because he feels that some individuals with criminal records who are trying to re-enter society after a previous crime are being unfairly banned from some rental properties regardless of the nature or severity of their crimes.

Besides not renting to certain individuals with criminal records landlords must not ban Latino’s or Blacks because this practice has had what’s known as “disparate impact” on people of color in the past and has never been justified.

Landlords are still allowed to ban or exclude anyone who is found to be manufacturing or selling drugs since drug related crimes are the only ones that are exempt under the Fair Housing Act.

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