How Does GoldenWest Management Show Properties While Following Social Distancing?

One of the most challenging things that landlords across the United States have had to deal with since the start of Coronavirus is how to continue showing rental properties as normal while following social distancing rules at the same time.

The good news is that at GoldenWest Management, we utilize the latest technology which enable us to continue with managing rental properties as before while following social distancing.

We’ve Partnered With Rently

Thanks to our partnership with, we can continue showing properties as we did before Coronavirus without any of our property managers having to be physically present to show a property to a prospective tenant.

How does work? It’s an easy process that involves a prospective tenant entering their driver’s license and credit card information to auto-register for a showing.

Once the prospective tenant auto-registers for a showing, the owner or landlord will know the day and time for the showing and they will also be notified when the individual shows up plus when they leave the property so that there isn’t any question about if they actually followed through with the showing or not.

What’s even better about Rently is that when a prospective renter enters their credit card information, the owner of the property is insured for up to $10,000. This will give owners confidence that they are protected financially if the person touring the property does damage to it.

What Happens After A Prospective Tenant Self Tours A Property?

After a prospective tenant self-tours a property, we also use digital documents including digital rental applications and lease documents so that face-to-face contact can be avoided and social distancing guidelines are enforced during the lockdown.

Our tenants can also pay their rents online, this also ensures that we don’t have to have physical contact with tenants while also enabling the process of rent collection to be done quickly and efficiently.

To learn more about the property management services that we can offer you contact us today by calling (866) 545-5303 or connect with us online.