Are Landlords Required to Provide Air Conditioning in San Diego?

If you own rental properties in San Diego or you think about renting a property in the area, you may be wondering if landlords are legally required to provide air conditioning in rental properties?

The answer to this question is no, landlords in San Diego are not legally required to provide air conditioning in rental properties but, if a rental property currently has an air conditioner installed, the landlord is required to maintain that air conditioner. (Source: Landlordology)

A Landlords First Requirement Is to Make Sure That the Rental Is Habitable 

In California, a landlord’s first responsibility is to make sure that their rental property is in “habitable condition”. This means that it must be pest free and have all the things that a typical home or rental property normally has including: running water, working electricity, a roof that doesn’t leak, and most important of all the property must be safe for the tenants live in.

If a landlord in San Diego has met these requirements, they can consider themselves to be following the law but, the reality is that most landlords do include air conditioning with their rental properties because in 2019 just about every tenant views air conditioning as a basic human right.

Although residents of Chula Vista, Oceanside or San Marcos may not use the air conditioners on a regular basis during the summer months, a resident of towns like El Cajon or Ramona will definitely be using their air conditioners a lot during the summer because temperatures in these towns can easily reach into the triple digits four consecutive days each summer.

Yes, it’s true, that landlords in California are not legally required to provide air conditioning in their rental properties but, there are some states where a landlord is legally required to provide air conditioning and the states include Nevada, Phoenix and some parts of Texas.

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