What Is The Arizona Landlord-Tenant Act?



By Goldenwest Management, Inc.

PHOENIX – There’s no denying that owning rental properties is a great way to build wealth, especially in Arizona. Sadly, many landlords think that just because they “own” the property they can manage the rental in whatever manner they seem fit or “fair.” For this reason, the Arizona landlord-tenant act comes in to play to set some basic guidelines for both Landlord and Tenant to fall.

If you’re not familiar with our Arizona residential landlord-tenant act, this law, lays out the framework for what landlords and tenants can and can’t do when it comes to issues during the lease of a mobile home, apartment, or single family home.

What Landlords Cannot Do

Thanks to the Arizona landlord-tenant act (A.R.S. §§ 33-1401 – 33-1501.), we know that landlords can and cannot do certain things under this act including:

  • Frequently disturb a Tenants right to “quiet enjoyment” of the home.
  • Landlords cannot ask a tenant’s sign a lease that requires them to waive their rights.
  • It’s also illegal for landlords to allow someone to live in the rental property rent free in exchange for the landlord not maintaining the rental property.
  • In Arizona landlords also may not choose to rent a property to anyone on the basis that the tenant has children.

What Are The Tennant’s Obligations?

Under the Arizona Landlord-Tenant Act we know that tenants do have many requirements placed on them including:

  • Tenants must keep their residence in a state of habitability to include clean and free of health hazardous material.
  • Dispose of all trash on the premises.
  • Keep all fixtures and plumbing in working condition including heating or air-conditioning systems.
  • Not negligently or deliberately destroyed the rental property or allow of friends, family member or associate stay on the property to in-depth destroying the rental property.
  • Report to the Landlord in a timely fashion repairs and damage.
  • Obey basic rules and regulations including HOA and development ordinaces.

If you think some of this is common sense, GoldenWest would agree. However, most situations and problems arise from issues that are in the “Gray Area” of the Landlord-Tenant law. This is where experience and history with working through fair housing and Tenant issues come into play. There isn’t a day that goes by where the GWM team doesn’t have a new “story” about an odd or unusual landlord-tenant issue.

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