Disaster Preparedness Tips for Renters

Are you ready for a disaster?

This is something that no renter ever wants to be asked but the reality is that a disaster like a fire, earthquake, or man-made disaster can occur at any moment.

If your home isn’t prepared for a disaster, this article will offer you tips that you can use to get yourself and your family ready for a disaster.

Tip #1 – Get Your Insurance Paperwork Ready

This tip is important because, insurance paperwork is something that just about everyone, including renters, has a hard time finding when they need to find it quickly.

You should invest in a fireproof box or choose a central location in your property where you intend on storing all of your important paperwork including your renter’s insurance, life insurance, health insurance, and auto insurance policy.

Let’s say that you don’t want to store all of your insurance documents in your rental property, no problem.

One option that you may want to consider is storing each of your insurance documents online by uploading those documents to a cloud storage drive. Some of the most common solutions for online storage include Dropbox or Google Drive.

Tip #2 – Have an Emergency Evacuation Plan in Place

Regardless if it’s a fire, flood, or another type of disaster, the next thing that you should do is have an emergency evacuation plan in place.

This plan should include a document which shows were every exit in your rental property is located so that regardless if it’s a single-family home that you’re renting, apartment, condo, or town home, you and the other members of your family will know how to exit the rental property safely at a moment’s notice.

Besides having an emergency evacuation plan in place, you should also create a plan for you and other members of your family to follow just in case can you become separated if an emergency or disaster were to occur.

Knowing where each member of your family will go in the event of an emergency will give you peace of mind knowing that you can easily reconnect with other members of your family should you be unable to contact or communicate with them after a disaster.

Tip #3 – Create A Disaster Preparedness Kit

Last of all, but most important, another thing that you should do to prepare for disaster or emergency is to create a disaster preparedness kit. This kit should include common household items that you would need to use after an emergency has occurred especially if the power, sewer, or other utilities are shut off for any length of time.

Some of the items that you should consider adding to your disaster preparedness kit should include batteries, candles, matches, water, canned food, toilet paper a first aid kit and anything else that you would need to use to get you through a brief period of time following a disaster or emergency in your city or town.

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