2017 Fire Prevention and Safety Tips for Your Rental Property

By GoldenWest Management

Fire season is here and with 100+ degree temperatures happening daily in Southern California, Phoenix and Las Vegas it’s more important than ever for owners to focus on fire prevention at their rental properties.

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2017 Fire Prevention and Safety Tips

Tip #1 – Replace your shake shingle roof because these types of roofs can be found on homes built in the 1980’s and they should be replaced immediately because they have been known to catch fire quickly.

Tip #2 –  Think “smart” when adding landscaping by using more gravel and fire-resistant plants to create fire breaks and make it easier for firefighters to reach your home should a fire occur.

Tip #3 – Clear debris from your gutters – This tip is very important because leaves and tree branches can easily catch fire after drying out and they become the perfect “fuel” for embers blowing through the air during a wildfire.

Tip #4 – Consider installing a roof-mounted sprinkler system – A roof mounted sprinkler system is the ultimate in fire defense and you may be able to qualify for a FEMA grant to have one installed at no cost.

Tip #5 – Choose fire resistant materials when renovating your deck, fencing, or siding since this will give first fighters a few extra minutes that they need to save your rental property from burning down if it catches fire.

Tip #6 – Restrict open burning at your rental property during the summer months including grilling on balconies or wooden decks.

Tip #7 – Make sure you have the right insurance protection including fire insurance, loss of income insurance, and landlord insurance.

Tip #8 – Verify that smoke detectors and or fire alarms are installed and working in every room of your rental property.

Tip #9 – Purchase a fire extinguisher for the kitchen.

Tip #10 – If you own a two-story rental property you should purchase a ladder for every upstairs room.

Tip #11 – Prohibit smoking inside of the rental property.

Tip #12 – Post an escape plan so tenants are well aware of how to leave the property should a fire occur.

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