Real Talk Carmel Valley – GoldenWest Management Talks Property Management

Do you own rental properties in San Diego, Phoenix or Las Vegas? If so, you’ve come to the right place!

During a recent appearance on Real Talk Carmel Valley, both Yuri Jacobo and Jayson Yoss of GoldenWest Management were interviewed. They shared tips on why property management is important and discussed how professional property management can help both owners and tenants.

“Rent It Like You Mean It”

The show started out with both Yuri and Jayson talking about the GoldenWest Management mantra “rent it like you mean it”.

This strict philosophy means that GoldenWest Management team isn’t a Real Estate agency that also does property management on the side, “We are licensed agents who focus specifically on property management.

We professionally manage more than 1,000 rental properties in three states, staffed with local-market experts; but what does this mean to you if you’re an owner?

You can count on us to be experts in the local rental market, including landlord tenant laws, while also keeping our fiduciary responsibility to you- the owner.

At GoldenWest Management we like to think of ourselves as communicators and “problem solvers” who always has your best interests at heart. “In property management, we get to be part of the most important aspect of someone’s life.” “We tell people, ‘If you entrust us with your property, we are going to take care of you, because this is personal.”

Property management is important, especially when things don’t go well at a rental property because, instead of you having to do everything yourself, you can count on us to solve problems and help with complicated issues including the following:

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Security Deposit Return

This is by far one of the top property management issues that both owners and tenants have to deal with at move out. At GoldenWest Management we make sure that the rental properties we manage are professionally cleaned and in “move-in ready “condition. The property is thoroughly documented so that when the tenant moves out there won’t be any dispute regarding the security deposit return disposition statement including how or why the funds were used.

Wear and Tear – With any rental property there must be a “threshold” for wear and tear, we encourage tenants to have their rentals professionally cleaned, and they should be able to provide receipts showing that they did their due diligence to leave the rental in similar condition or comparable to what it was at move in.

21 Days – As a professional property management company we have 21 days to return the security deposit to the tenant in the state of California. All deposits are returned with an itemized list of deductions and pictures of the damage just so the tenant is aware of why money was taken from their security deposit and what it was used for.

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Following California Habitability Standards

There’s no doubt that California is one of the top states with the most laws that protect the interests of the tenant but what are California Habitability standards?

California Civil Code section 1941 states that when a landlord rents property to a tenant as a place to live, the property must be in a “habitable” condition. (“Habitable” means fit to live in; “uninhabitable” means not fit to live in.) Section 1941 also states that the landlord must repair problems that make the property uninhabitable – except for problems caused by the tenant or the tenant’s guests, children or pets. In order for the property to be habitable, it must have all of the following:

Anytime there is an issue at one the properties we manage, tenants are encouraged to submit their repair requests immediately, they can count on us to get the problem fixed or resolved within 24-48 hours or make a “good faith effort” to make repairs and keep the rental property in habitable condition in accordance with state law.

This is another area where we save you time and money because instead of you driving out to your rental property to make repairs yourself, or spending hours on the phone coordinating with contractors and repair companies, you can count on GoldenWest Management to save you time while you have confidence that the repairs to your rental are made quickly and professionally.

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