Are You Highlighting Your Las Vegas Rental Properties Most Sellable Features?

By GoldenWest Management

LAS VEGAS, NV. – Are you still managing your Las Vegas Rental Properties yourself? If so, one of the keys to success in attracting quality tenants is to market your rentals most “sellable” features.

Prospective tenants are always searching for listings based on the features of a rental property and you can make your listing stand out by highlighting the following.

  • Size – How many bedrooms and bathrooms does your rental property offer?
  • Storage – Does your rental have an attached garage or on-site storage facility?
  • Location – Is your Las Vegas rental property conveniently close to the best entertainment venues, stores, shops, schools and recreation destinations in Las Vegas?
  • Amenities – What amenities can you offer your tenants? Some of the most common include an onsite pool/spa, workout room, or on-site laundry facility.
  • Yard space – Is there a yard space at your rental property?
  • Move-in Incentives – Do you offer one-month free rent or paid water/sewer/trash?
  • Area statistics – Another great way to market your Las Vegas rental property online is to highlight area statistics especially if your rental is in a walkable neighborhood or if it’s close to some of the best restaurants listed on Yelp.

How to Market Your Rentals Most Sellable Features

Once you have determined the best features that your Las Vegas Rental Property has to offer prospective tenants the next step is to professionally market it online using the following:

  • High-Resolution Photos – These will help your rental to stand out over Las Vegas rentals that may be listed online but before taking high-resolution photos you should de-clutter your rental property and make sure that it’s been professionally cleaned since you don’t want dirt or debris to stand out in the photos.
  • Videos – Posting a video walkthrough of your rental property on websites like will also help your rental attract interest from the most tenants as possible since a video walkthrough will help a prospective tenant to feel like they “know” your rental property before they’ve actually visited it.

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North Las Vegas Property Management

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At Goldenwest Management we specialize in total property management including tenant selection, customer service, professional property management, maintenance and so much more!

Why North Las Vegas Property Management?

What makes our company unique compared to the wide variety of other companies that offer North Las Vegas Property Management, is that we have decades of experience and offer total property management services from start to finish, not just customer service or rent collection like most companies

Property Management Isn’t Expensive

If price has been stopping you from hiring the best Property Management Company in North Las Vegas, Nevada you will be pleased to know that it’s not as expensive as you thought to hire a property manager and once you have someone professionally managing your rental properties you can have confidence that your rental property is being taken care of so you can move on to investing in another rental property for your portfolio.

Property Management will save you Time & Money!

Once you have a professional property management company managing your North Las Vegas rental property you can enjoy your life again and no longer have to worry about taking calls from your tenants at night or on weekends because your property manager will handle all of those calls for you.

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Las Vegas Property Manager

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Your Las Vegas Property Manager

Located at 6720 Via Austi Parkway, Suite 170 in Las Vegas, GoldenWest Management specializes in full-service property management including tenant screening, tenant placement, rent collection, maintenance and so much more,

Our full service property management team will save you the time, money and hassle of managing your rental property yourself so you can focus on spending more time with your family, growing your portfolio of rental properties, and enjoying more ROI from your rentals since you no longer will have to be involved in the day-to-day aspects of property management.

Property Management Brings Peace Of Mind

Tired of managing your rental properties yourself? When you hire GoldenWest Management to professionally manage your rental properties you can have confidence that our team of professional Las Vegas property managers will manage your rental properties for you so you can focus on spending more time on growing your portfolio of rental properties and doing the things that you love.

More people are moving to Las Vegas than ever before and you’re going to need professional property management if you want to capitalize on the demand for rental properties in this area while growing your portfolio of rentals.

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