What Do You Do If The Acoustic Ceiling In Your Condo Has Mold Growth?


By Goldenwest Management

One of the worst things you can hear as a landlord if you own a condo is that mold has been found in the acoustic ceiling because mold can be very expensive and time consuming to remove.

If you find yourself in the position of dealing with mold in the acoustic ceiling of your condo here are simple tips you can use to resolve this problem.

#1 – Hire a Certified Mold Specialist

To be absolutely sure about the mold growth in the acoustic ceiling of your condo you should hire a certified mold specialist to conduct a third party mold test because this will give you a clear indication if you should have the mold removed or not.

#2 – Want To Have The Mold Removed? Hire a Licensed Abatement Company

Once you receive the report from the mold specialist the next step you should consider is if you should have the mold removed from your ceiling or not. If you do decide to have the mold removed from your acoustic ceiling the next step you should take is to hire a professional abatement company who is licensed and will come in to safely remove the mold rather than just scrape it away.

#3 – Do This After the Mold Has Been Removed

After you’ve had the mold removed from your condo you must receive a certificate of completion from the abatement company then present it to all future tenants at lease signing just so they are aware that mold has been previously found in the unit.

What to Do If Your Ceilings Contain Asbestos

Let’s say that your condo was built prior to 1978 and during the mold removal the inspector found that your ceilings contain asbestos.

In this case you have two choices:

#1 – Have the asbestos removed and pay a very costly bill for this process.

#2 – Disclose to all future tenants that your acoustic ceilings have asbestos.

Most landlords will choose option #2 because, as long as you disclose to tenants up front that the acoustic ceiling in your rental property may contain asbestos you don’t have to cave into their future demands if they come back to you claiming complications resulting from the asbestos in your rental.

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