Nevada Squatters Law – Learn More About AB 386 and How It Affects Homeowners


LAS VEGAS – Following the collapse of the Real Estate market in 2007 and 2008, Las Vegas has been dealing with a major squatter. This problem exist because many homes here have sat vacant for long periods of time making Vegas almost irresistible for squatters since they know that they can move into a home, have electricity and all of the normal services that come with owning a home without having to pay monthly rent.

Combine that with basic “tenants rights” which put the onus on the Landlord or or property owner to prove that the Squatter isn’t an valid Tenant, and you can see how this can be a real issue. Property owners have literally been outside of a home with Metro Police in tow and they couldn’t remove a Squatter in the same manner you couldn’t just “throw out” a Tenant.

Thankfully the problem with squatters in Las Vegas will be drastically in part to the Nevada Squatters Law.

Lets take a second to familiarize everyone with AB 386 and how it will impact you as a current rental property owner in Las Vegas, Nevada.

“Metro Police believe the number of vacant homes with people illegally living in them is up more than 40 percent compared to last year.

That prompted a new state law which took effect at the beginning of October.

Before AB 386 evicting squatters from your home was a civil matter. Now, it’s a crime and police can take action to remove them in a fraction of the time it used to take. It was not unusual for evictions to stretch on for weeks or months.

“They knew the rules, they knew how to bend them, they knew how to take advantage of them,” said Keith Lynam, Greater Las Vegas Association of Realtors president. 

“At best sometimes we’d have a trespass, but now we actually have a law in the books for home breaking and unlawful occupancy,” said Metro Lt. Nick Farese, Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department.

Police project there are at least 5,000 homes in the Las Vegas area occupied by squatters.

That’s a sharp increase over last year when the number was 3,600.”

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Detailed Process for Dealing with Squatters

Although there were laws on the books for dealing with squatters in Las Vegas (AB 286) the new Nevada Squatters Law (AB 386) creates more protections for property owners via a detailed process by which squatters can be removed from properties when they are found to be inhibiting unlawfully.

If someone is found to be living in a Nevada home unlawfully they can be convicted of a brand new criminal offenses called “house breaking” and or “unlawful occupancy” and the squatter could face jail time but another reality of this economy is that not everyone who is classified as a squatter is living in a home maliciously.

Many people over the last 24 months have fallen for rental scams and have been found to be renting a home which was “owned” by someone who claimed to be working and living overseas only to find out the reality that the property they are living in is actually owned by someone else.

In cases where someone has proven that they’ve fallen for a rental scam the court has within their discretion to offer that individual 30 days to vacate the property.

Protect your rental in Las Vegas

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