New Year’s Resolution – Resolve to Hire a Property Manager In 2017



By GoldenWest Management

2017 is officially here and if you’re managing your rental properties in San Diego, Phoenix, or Las Vegas yourself one of the smartest things you can do this year is to hire a professional property management company to manage those rental properties for you, especially for these reasons.

Reason #1 – Property Management Saves Time

Imagine no longer having to take calls from your tenants during dinner time, the middle of the night, or on weekends. Those calls that currently take time out of your day will now go to GoldenWest Management, your professional property management company, so you can focus on living your life, enjoying your family and also the income that comes from owning rental properties.

Reason #2 – Property Management Saves Money

Let’s face it, any time you the work on one of your rental properties yourself you’re losing money. Why? You’re losing money because that could be time spent making money or growing your portfolio of rental properties rather than having to continue performing the day-to-day tasks of property management yourself.

Reason #3 – Property Management Adds Value To Your Rentals

Yes, property management will add value to your rental properties because your tenants will have confidence that their rental is being professionally management and they will have someone to call in case there is a problem or issue at their rental property.

Reason #4 – Property Management Make Owning Rentals Easier

From rent collection to maintenance, property management makes owning rental properties so much easier than managing them yourself and once you have more time on your hands to grow your portfolio of rental properties you’re going to how easy it is to work with a property management company and you will never want to go back to DIY management again.

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