5 Things to Do Before Marketing Your Phoenix Rental Property Online

By GoldenWest Management

Are you planning on listing your Phoenix Rental Property online? If you’re like most landlords you’re going to be listing your rental property on Craiglist.org, hotpads.com Zillow or Trulia, but before listing you should get these 5 things done.

#1 – Inspect Your Phoenix Rental Property and Make Repairs

Regardless of how long your last tenant lived in your Phoenix Rental Property it’s important to have it inspected because, a full inspection will bring to light obvious problems that need to be fixed like electrical, flooring, or plumbing issues, and potential problems which cannot be seen to the naked eye.

#2 – Have Your Rental Property Thoroughly Cleaned

One of the “pet peeves” most people cite for not wanting to rent a property is the cleanliness of the unit so even if your last renter left your Phoenix Rental Property in excellent condition you should still call in your cleaning crew to have your rental professionally cleaned because this will also ensure that those hard to reach areas of your rental property are cleaned as well.

#3 – Inspect All Appliances

While you are having, your rental property cleaned and inspected you should also have all of the appliances evaluated, including ceiling fans, because if any of the appliances are out of date and ready to be replaced this will be a great time to get them replaced before new tenants move in.

#4 – Change Those Locks!

During the time that your Phoenix Rental is in between tenants, you should also change those locks because you just don’t know if your previous tenant made copies of keys and it’s also a great idea to have the locks changed to ensure that any old keys which may be floating around out there are rendered obsolete.

#5 – Think About Market Value

Once your rental property is ready to be listed online the last thing you should do is determine market value because rents in the area may have gone up since you last marketed your rental property and it can literally pay to research the market value of your rental before you post it online.

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Glendale AZ Property Management


Are you searching for Glendale AZ Property Management for your West Phoenix Rental Properties? If so, you’ve come to the right place!

At Goldenwest Management we specialize in all aspects of property management including tenant selection, rent collection, and maintenance so you can enjoy the ROI from your rental property once again without having to stress out about managing it.

Why Hire A Glendale AZ Property Manager?

Let’s face it, owning West Valley Phoenix Rental Property can sometimes get complicated, especially if you have a full time job and a family.

Thankfully with Glendale AZ Property Management you can go back to enjoying your life once again and owning rental property can stop being a 2nd or 3rd job for you since our team of property management professionals will professionally manage your rental property so you won’t have to worry about things like rent collection or maintenance.

Protect Your Investment

Hiring a Glendale AZ Property Management company is one of the best ways for you to protect the value of your investment because with a property management team serving you we will handle all aspects of property management, including maintenance, so you can have confidence that your investment is protected and will continue to produce ROI for you in the years to come.

How Much Does Glendale AZ Property Management Cost?

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Phoenix Rental Property – Learn More about Why You Should Hire A Property Manager

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By GoldenWest Management

You just purchased another Phoenix Rental Property and your life is starting to get busier than ever before.

With managing your properties, investments, and family life, there’s not a lot of time left in the day for you.

Instead of continuing on running your business this way, and sacrificing quality personal time for yourself, here are three reasons why you should hire a property manager.

#1 – Efficient Management of Your Phoenix Rental Property

From handling potential tenants, work orders, repairs, rent collection and all of the other day-to-day responsibilities which come from managing a Phoenix Rental Property you can count on GoldenWest Management to efficiently manage all of your rental properties.

#2 – We Will Save You More Time During Your Day

When you decide to use GoldenWest Management to manage your Phoenix Rental Property you will have more time in your day to live your life and enjoy all of the benefits that come from owning income property.

#3 – You Will Save Money

Another benefit which will come from using GoldenWest for your property management needs is that you will save money with us since you won’t have to deal with issues like tenant calls in the middle of the night or the hassle of having to drive out to your properties for repairs or maintenance issues.

With GoldenWest Management on your side you will have confidence that your Phoenix Rental Property is being efficiently managed so you can focus on growing your portfolio of income properties.

To learn more about the property management services we can offer you contact us today by calling (858) 792-3442 or click here to contact us online.