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Are you searching for Glendale AZ Property Management for your West Phoenix Rental Properties? If so, you’ve come to the right place!

At Goldenwest Management we specialize in all aspects of property management including tenant selection, rent collection, and maintenance so you can enjoy the ROI from your rental property once again without having to stress out about managing it.

Why Hire A Glendale AZ Property Manager?

Let’s face it, owning West Valley Phoenix Rental Property can sometimes get complicated, especially if you have a full time job and a family.

Thankfully with Glendale AZ Property Management you can go back to enjoying your life once again and owning rental property can stop being a 2nd or 3rd job for you since our team of property management professionals will professionally manage your rental property so you won’t have to worry about things like rent collection or maintenance.

Protect Your Investment

Hiring a Glendale AZ Property Management company is one of the best ways for you to protect the value of your investment because with a property management team serving you we will handle all aspects of property management, including maintenance, so you can have confidence that your investment is protected and will continue to produce ROI for you in the years to come.

How Much Does Glendale AZ Property Management Cost?

Glendale AZ Property Management costs a lot less than you think! To get a quote and speak with us about our property management services contact Goldenwest Management today by calling us at (602) 765-4750 or click here to connect with us online.

How to Handle Tenant Disputes at Your Phoenix Rental Property

Phoenix Rental Property

As a property owner, one thing you will be dealing with at your Phoenix Rental Property at one point or another are tenants who complain.

Although tenants who complain may be annoying, you can handle their complaints professionally by following these simple tips.

Disputes involving repairs are the most common

When dealing with these types of disputes you should do the following:

• Look at all repairs thru the lens of “what does the lease interpret?”
• Normal wear tear isn’t every single repair item. Tenants have to be responsible for things that don’t break without outside influence.
• Respond initially very quickly.
• Be firm, but be fair…sometimes you can earn a little good will by letting the “tie go to the Tenant”.

Disputes involving neighbors

Before taking steps to deal with a dispute at your Phoenix Rental Property you should make sure that the complaint is really legitimate because some Phoenix Renters may file complaints about the wall color of your rental property when these are issues that the tenant should have been aware of before they moved in.

a. Unfortunately, you don’t control what neighbors do

b. If there is an HOA, ask them to put the complaint in writing to the HOA, of if required, to you and have you forwarded it to the HOA. This covers noise complaints, pet issues, and HOA contractors.

c. Remind them that they need to try and approach the neighbors, first verbally, then in writing…adults can often handle issues by being polite and direct

d. If there are complaints about other neighbors in properties you own or manage, then stay partial and only involved when it’s regarding a violation of a lease

e. When necessary have the Tenant involve the police (if the situation warrants)

Always Keep Communication Open When Sealing With Tenant Disputes

As a landlord, another important thing you should do to deal with tenant disputes is to communicate with your tenants immediately regarding their complaint and then take steps to resolve it because their complaint can also turn into another issue about management unresponsiveness if you are slow to respond to tenant complaints at your Phoenix Rental Property.
Don’t fire back email after email in succession, handle things in a methodical manner.

Follow up every phone call with a “per our conversation email”.

Keep calm and respectful even if the tenant is not.

Don’t respond at unreasonable hours, and be careful responding via text.

Hire a Phoenix Property Management Company

To save the time, money and hassle of managing your rental properties yourself hire a third party, one that knows the law and can act as your middleman. To get effective property management for your Phoenix Rental Property contact Goldenwest Management today by calling us at 602-765-4750 or click here to connect with us online.

5 Tips for Phoenix Rental Property Owners

Phoenix Rental Property

By GoldenWest Management, Inc

Phoenix, Arizona – Are you just getting started with owning Phoenix Rental Property? If so, here are 5 tips you can use to manage your portfolio of income properties efficiently and grow your business.

Tip #1 – Always Screen Your Tenants

Never go with your “gut instinct” when it comes to your tenants, you should always screen your tenants by checking their credit, background history, references and work references.  Don’t make it an emotional decision, it will protect your home as well as keep HUD (Fair housing) away from any type of discrimination complaints. If you don’t have a set approval process (heuristic of some sort) you run a high chance of having a case brought against you…and it doesn’t require a lawyer for a jilted prospect to make your life miserable.

The tenant screening process is a vital part of owning any rental because it will give you the best opportunity to protect yourself. We have a great saying in our office, “once they are in, their in.”

Tip #2 – Get Everything in Writing

Always document your relationship with your tenants including if they complain about different issues, or have complaints made against them, because, a written history will only protect you if you need to one day face your tenant in court. Demand that they provide a move-in inspection report. Don’t think that because they don’t send a condition statement, that when they move out, you will be in the clear. The onus is on YOU, the landlord, to give them every opportunity to note any issues with the property.

Tip #3 – Use Your Head with Security Deposits

When it comes to security deposits you never want to do things on the fly. You must have a clear system for collecting, settling and holding security deposits because, return of the security deposit is one of the top reasons why most property owners find themselves in a dispute after a tenant moves out when they could have avoided disputes by being clear from the very beginning.

In Arizona, a private owner can commingle the security deposit in a personal account, just so long as you maintain proper accounting records.

But when it comes time to move out, you have (14) business days to send a deposit disposition, including any remaining balance left over (depending on deductions) to the Tenant. We recommend certified return receipt if you mail the refund.

Most important, the Tenant’s security deposit is not your slush fund to remodel your home…for those landlords who think that you can hit the tenant for all repairs (full paint job, brand new floors) you are in for a surprise in Maricopa County small claims court.

Tip #4 – Keep Your Word about Repairs

Things will break down over time at your Phoenix Rental Property and it’s important to always keep your word with tenants about when they can expect to have repairs made since some tenants may consider withholding rent or moving out without notice if they classify your rental as not habitable.

You have 48hrs to address habitability issues – think about when the AC goes out on a Saturday in July. After that the Tenant has the right to fix the problem and deduct it from the rent or go get a hotel and deduct the accommodations from the rent. Make sure you have contractors that will respond or you will have issues.

Tip #5 – Don’t just show up at your rental home.

I hate to break it to many landlords, but you have the right to “reasonable” inspections…which I have personally seen the court say anything less than quarterly is not going to fly. In addition you have to give written 48hr notice prior to stepping foot on the property unless its an emergency repair. The court will not let you “disturb” the tenant’s right to quiet enjoyment of the property, regardless of whether you think you were had a right to be at the home or not.

Get Phoenix Rental Property

Review the above items…if you don’t live close to the home, there is no reason for you as individual to ever roll the dice of managing a property on your own. Even if you live right down the street, if you don’t aren’t an expert in landlord-tenant law, you absolutely should consider hiring a property manager. Those (5) tips are just small samples of what professional property managers in phoenix like the staff at GoldenWest Management deal with every day, for hundreds of properties.

Phoenix Rental Property

For more information about Phoenix or Scottsdale Property management contact GoldenWest Management, Inc today by calling us at (602) 765-4750 or CLICK HERE to connect with us online.

Phoenix Rental Property – Learn More about Why You Should Hire A Property Manager

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By GoldenWest Management

You just purchased another Phoenix Rental Property and your life is starting to get busier than ever before.

With managing your properties, investments, and family life, there’s not a lot of time left in the day for you.

Instead of continuing on running your business this way, and sacrificing quality personal time for yourself, here are three reasons why you should hire a property manager.

#1 – Efficient Management of Your Phoenix Rental Property

From handling potential tenants, work orders, repairs, rent collection and all of the other day-to-day responsibilities which come from managing a Phoenix Rental Property you can count on GoldenWest Management to efficiently manage all of your rental properties.

#2 – We Will Save You More Time During Your Day

When you decide to use GoldenWest Management to manage your Phoenix Rental Property you will have more time in your day to live your life and enjoy all of the benefits that come from owning income property.

#3 – You Will Save Money

Another benefit which will come from using GoldenWest for your property management needs is that you will save money with us since you won’t have to deal with issues like tenant calls in the middle of the night or the hassle of having to drive out to your properties for repairs or maintenance issues.

With GoldenWest Management on your side you will have confidence that your Phoenix Rental Property is being efficiently managed so you can focus on growing your portfolio of income properties.

To learn more about the property management services we can offer you contact us today by calling (858) 792-3442 or click here to contact us online.