Multi-Family versus Single Family San Diego Rental Properties

Phoenix Rental Homes

So you’re thinking about investing in San Diego Rental Properties thanks to the explosive growth of the Real Estate market and demand for rental properties.

Before moving forward on adding rental properties in San Diego or Las Vegas to your investment portfolio you must decide if buying single family or multi-family rentals are the best options for your Real Estate investment.

In this post we will break down the benefits of both options so you can be a more knowledgeable investor when you are ready to make a decision.

Why Buy A Single Family Home?

Over the last three years almost everyone from Warren Buffett to the traditional Real Estate investor has been buying single family homes.

If held for a long period of time and purchased at low rates, Buffett says houses are even better than stocks. He advises buyers to take out a 30-year mortgage and refinance if rates go down.

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Some reasons to invest in single family homes include:

  1. You have more leverage: When you buy a single family home in San Diego with a 20% down payment you will be able to immediately see a great return on your investment thanks to the cash flow which will come from that property.
  2. Big Growth – Home prices are still affordable right now compared to historical values and you will be able to buy a home for an affordable price then see a great return on your investment over time thanks to equity and appreciation.
  3. Huge Financial Benefits – Buying a single family home also means you will be able to benefit from the tax deductions which come from owning the property.


Should You Buy A Multi-Family Property?

There are many benefits which come with buying multi-unit properties including the following:

  • The price per unit is lower than most single family homes.
  • Multi-unit properties offer greater income diversification than single family homes.
  • Processing the paperwork with a multi-unit property is easier than it would be if you were to invest in multiple single family homes.
  • Owning a multi-family property also means you will have lower overhead costs compared to owning multiple single family properties.

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Phoenix Arizona Rental Properties – 4 Tips for Successful Real Estate Investing

Phoenix Arizona Rental Properties

By Goldenwest Management

Are you thinking about getting started with investing in Phoenix Arizona Rental Properties?

Now is the right time to start investing in rental properties thanks to high demand for rentals and low mortgage interest rates nationwide.

Everyone from Robert Kiyosaki to Warren Buffet are advocates for Real Estate investing thanks to the steady cash flow you receive from your rental properties each month and the wide variety of other benefits which come from owning rentals like tax deductions and equity.

To get you started with Real Estate investing right here are our 4 tips for successful Real Estate Investing.

Tip #1 – Never Stop Educating Yourself

This tip is vital to follow because once you stop learning about Real Estate investing you won’t continue to see the same success that you’re enjoying when you’re learning about Real Estate investing.

Establish a set daily time for studying and following what other Real Estate investors are doing so you can stay ahead of other investors and even find great deals no matter what shape the economy is in.

Tip #2 – Set Clear Goals for Yourself

Once you get started with investing in Phoenix Arizona Rental Properties don’t get satisfied with just one property, set clear goals for yourself on how many properties you want to buy so your net worth will grow every year.

For example: one of your goals could be to save $20,000 and use that profit from your rental property to use as a down payment on one new Phoenix Arizona Rental each year.

Tip #3 – Don’t Speculate!

Although the market may be up, or down, NEVER speculate on where you think it’s going to go or speculate on what your short term gain will be if you purchase a new rental property in Arizona now.

Always use wisdom backed up by hard data when you’re investing because these are the two things which will ultimately contribute to your long term success as an investor.

Tip #4 – Always Invest For Cash Flow

When investing in a Phoenix Arizona Rental property your primary question should be “what is the cash flow I will get from this property” because cash flow is king and also the key to your success if you’re trying to build cash flow for your retirement.

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