For Rent San Diego – How to Write Property Listings Prospective Tenants Will Want To Read

For Rent San Diego

By Goldenwest Property Management

Did you know that your property listing literally has 20 seconds or less to impress a prospective tenant before they move on to searching for another listing?

Yes, this is true.

Most people who are searching for properties for rent San Diego, or elsewhere in the United States, will glance at the first picture (otherwise known as the “Money shot”) you have posted of your property then briefly read the first 2 lines of your property description before deciding on if they want to review the property further or move on to another listing.

If you’re interested in increasing the effectiveness of your online listings here are 3 tips which will help you to write better property listings.

Tip #1 – Avoid Using CAPS!

One of the biggest problems with online property listings occurs when people use CAPS to describe their properties.


Although using capitalized letters does convey emotion, the reality is that when you use CAPS this is the same as shouting if you were having a conversation with someone face to face.

Tip #2 – Stop Using Abbreviations

Stop using abbreviations that are confusing in your listings, and when possible write the whole word again, like you may have been doing when you originally started in the business.

Abbreviations like “3br/2b” are what everyone else is using to market their properties online and you can make your listings stand out by taking 5 minutes to actually write about your properties so that prospective tenants are aware of what your home for rent San Diego can really offer them.

#3 – Write Shorter Sentences

Last of all, but most important, when writing property listings make sure you write short and sweet sentences, instead of long sentences.

Shorter sentences are important since people who are searching for properties For Rent San Diego are accustomed to reading shorter sentences online anyway, and you can use a short sentence as a bullet point to capture the reader’s interest with little points about what your property can offer them.


This 3 bedroom / 2 bath home has a big backyard with plenty of room for children to play.

The home offers a spacious kitchen with plenty of cabinet space and a large pantry.

For Rent San Diego

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