What Are the Benefits of San Diego Property Management?

By GoldenWest Management

SAN DIEGO, CA. – Have you been managing your rental properties yourself and have been thinking about hiring a San Diego Property Management company?

Regardless if you own one or more rentals, hiring a property management company is important because it will free up your time so you will no longer have to manage those rentals yourself and you will also enjoy the following benefits:

Benefit #1 – Easy Rent Payment

Since most property management companies offer their tenants the ability to pay rent online you can expect easy rent payment from your tenants and you will no longer have to concern yourself with rent collection when your tenants fall behind on their rent.

Benefit #2 – Repairs & Maintenance

When it comes time for repairs or maintenance at your Rental Property you won’t have to plan for making those repairs or driving out to the rental to perform maintenance yourself, you can count on your property management company to handle those repairs or maintenance for you.

Benefit #3 – Thorough Inspection

Another benefit of hiring a San Diego Property Management company is a thorough inspection of your rental each time new tenants move in or move out. This will ensure that your rental property continues to be maintained to the highest possible standards and is in the best condition possible.

Benefit #4 – Tenant Selection

Last of all, but most important, another great reason to hire a property management company is tenant selection. We make screening and finding new tenants hassle free so you don’t have to worry about doing any of that work yourself.

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Tips for Getting Your San Diego Rental Ready for Summer

By GoldenWest Management

SAN DIEGO, CA – Summer is almost here and with warmer weather you should also be focusing on getting your rental property ready for the summer months by doing the following.

Inspect Your Air Conditioner

This step is essential because it’s possible that your air conditioner hasn’t been in use for close to one year so you should change your air filter, airflow inside your rental property and also your blower unit as well.

Once you’ve inspected your air conditioner you should also make sure that the unit has “room to breathe” outside your home by clearing space around the unit by removing grass, plants or debris.

Prepare Windows and Doors for Summer

Since your tenants may be using the air conditioner a lot during the summer months you should prepare doors and windows by making sure that their seals will still hold the cold air in your rental property and not easily escape.

Clean Your Dryer Vent

After checking your air conditioner, doors and windows you should also check your dryer vent to make sure that it’s completely free of dust or lint since obstructions in the dryer vent can easily lead to fires.

Test Smoke Detectors

Summer is also a great time to test the smoke detectors in your rental property as well to make sure they are working properly and don’t have batteries that need to be replaced.

Clean Ceiling Fans

Besides removing dust from ceiling fan blades, you should also vacuum dust from the ceiling fan motor because this will help it to continue functioning normally for the remainder of the year.

Clean Up Your Yard

Last of all, but most important, you should also clean up the yard at you San Diego rental property by planting new flowers (if needed), inspecting the sprinkler system and reviewing the yard to make sure that your current tenants are keeping up the curb appeal of your rental property.

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For Rent San Diego – 5 Things Every New Owner Should Know About Renters Rights

By GoldenWest Management

So, you purchased your first rental property and after remodeling, you’re finally getting ready to list it for rent San Diego but, before you make the jump to the full-fledged owner there are some things about renter’s rights that you should know if you want to manage your rental property yourself.

#1 – What Can You Charge a Tenant If They Pay Their Rent Late?

In California, you can charge between 5-10% of your tenants rent as the penalty for them paying their rent late but to avoid any confusion or “sticker shock” when your tenant pays their rent late, you should clearly list in your lease what your tenant can expect to pay if they do end up paying their rent late.

#2 – Multiple Checks

The Landlord does have the right to refuse payment using multiple checks do to California’s partial payment acceptance rules. Example, if one check clears and one check bounces, the landlord cannot evict during that calendar month that the partial payment was made. Therefore, the courts have conveyed the right to the Landlord to not accept multiple checks for rental payment.

#3 – When Can You Enter Your Rental?

Once your rental is occupied by the tenant you have to follow the law and give them 24-hour notice that you will be coming over to make repairs or show the property to potential renters if it’s going to be available for rent soon.

Contrary to what some people may have told you, you cannot enter your rental property at will, unless of course, the tenant has abandoned your rental, or there’s very obvious emergency there that requires your attention.

#4 – Security Deposit

If you’re renting an unfurnished unit you can’t charge more than two months’ rent for your security deposit and as for a fully furnished apartment, you can’t charge more than three months’ rent.

#5 – Security Deposit Return

Another huge topic that’s talked about online is the security deposit return; as the owner of a property for rent San Diego you have 21 days to return the security deposit with a letter detailing your withholdings.

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San Diego Property Management


Are you searching for San Diego Property Management? If so, you’ve come to the right place! Welcome to Goldenwest Management, we specialize in affordable property management for the entire San Diego area including: East County, Central, North County and South County.

Unlike our competitors who only claim to offer total property management in San Diego, our team of experts can offer you total property management from start to finish which includes: tenant screening, rent collection, customer service, maintenance and more.

Save Time With San Diego Property Management

Did you know you can save time and money with San Diego property management? That’s right! We will save you the time, money and hassle of renting and managing your properties yourself so you can have a life again, grow your portfolio and best of all enjoy the benefits of owning rental properties instead of having to do everything on your own!

San Diego Property Management Costs A Lot Less Than You Think

Most people think that San Diego Property Management is expensive but the reality is that it costs a lot less than you think and you can get started with having your rental properties professionally managed by someone you can trust instead of having to do everything yourself.

You Need San Diego Property Management 

In this day and age of high demand for rental properties in San Diego you owe it to yourself to hire a San Diego Property Management company because a property manager will ensure that your rental is professionally rented for what it’s worth and taken care of so you can live your life, enjoy the beautiful San Diego weather and not be faced with the traditional hassles that come with owning a rental property.

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Easy Mistakes San Diego Landlords Should Avoid making

San Diego Landlords

By Goldenwest Management

SAN DIEGO, CA. – There’s no denying that owning rental property in San Diego can be an up and down journey and over the years we’ve seen many San Diego Landlords make mistakes that could have been easily avoided including the following mistakes:

Not Following the Local Rental Market

It doesn’t matter if you live in San Diego, or out of the area, San Diego Landlords should be on top of what’s happening with the SD rental market including the latest trends because this is ultimately one of the best ways to keep tenants happy and vacancies low.

Staying on top of what’s happening in the rental market will give you the edge you need as a landlord when it comes to if you should make improvements to your rental properties, raise rents, or offer incentives to existing tenants to get them to renew their leases.

Not Making Your Home Rent Ready

Landlords often have two types of problems when evaluating their property: Either they are emotionally attached to the home and can’t get the right perspective when seeing its faults or; they don’t know how to efficiently spend funds to make their rental ready to show and rent. Fresh paint and a detailed professional cleaning is always a good start. Light fixtures, window treatments, upgrading mirrors, faucets, shower casing, and toilets are the next tier that can give you a big bang for your buck. If you have more room in your budget, focusing on the kitchen and bathrooms can provide a healthy return: Counters, appliances, knobs for your cabinets (or new cabinets) will all be long term investments both for rental and the sale of your property.

Not Screening Tenants Properly

Although every San Diego Landlord will tell you that they do a background check on their tenants, most don’t. Failing to perform a thorough background check on a tenant can hurt a landlord in the long run, especially if the tenant damages the rental property in addition to not paying rent. Avoid problems with tenants by doing a complete background check every time including employment verification, pulling their credit report and income verification. Don’t accept the “song and dance” from a prospect on why their credit score is not great (or why you can’t run their credit)….people are who their background check says they are. It’s the number one predictor of rental payment behavior out there. So if credit score is low, and employment history is checkered, don’t “stretch” for someone who could cost you thousands in lost rent, legal fees, and repair costs.

Not Budgeting For Costs

Most San Diego Landlords will tell you that right now is a great time to own rental property in San Diego since we’re enjoying the highest demand for rentals ever but, in spite of the demand many landlords are still not budgeting for costs including ongoing maintenance, unexpected repairs, or unanticipated vacancies, that is why it’s vital for every SD landlord to budget for these extra costs if they want to continue enjoying long-term, stable cash flow from their rental properties. GWM metrics state that the average home incurs roughly $65-$70 per month in maintenance charges. This doesn’t take into account “capital improvements” such as AC/Heater issues, roof repairs, water heater replacement, and garage door motor or spring replacement. If you haven’t upgraded these items in a while, at least find out how old they are and compare them to the average life expectancy of each.

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