San Diego Rental Properties – Is That Pitt Bull Classified As a “Service Dog”?


Service dogs are being used more than ever before especially in rental properties across California, Nevada and Arizona and it’s not uncommon for landlords who own San Diego Rental Properties to encounter potential tenants who have Pitt Bulls who they say are their service animals.

Not All Service Dogs Are German Shepherds or Golden Retrievers

When it comes to service animals it’s sometimes easy to think only of Golden Retrievers and Golden Shepherds as service dogs when in reality Pitt Bulls make excellent service dogs and are often able to out-perform other dogs at common service dog tasks.

What Exactly Is A Service Dog?

Thanks to the ADA we know that they define a service dog as an animal who has been specifically trained to offer assistance to someone who has a disability.

Not Sure About A Service Dog? Here’s who to Contact

Although your first reaction may be to say “no way!” the reality is that thanks to the Americans with Disabilities Act you have to consider a tenant who has a Pitt Bull as their service animal.

You can also protect yourself if there are any attacks, damages or bites from the Pitt Bull at your San Diego Rental Properties by first confirming that the animal is indeed a service dog when you contact the National Service Animal Registry or the American Pitt Bull Registry to verify if the Pitt Bull is listed as a service animal with either of these organizations.

Don’t Forget To Contact The Former Landlord Too!

During your investigation you should also contact the former landlord of the prospective tenant to ask them about the Pitt Bull and ask them if they have a picture of the dog and any memories of how the animal behaved while living on their property.

Professional Management for Your San Diego Rental Properties

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