Should You Allow Subletting At Your San Diego Rental Property?

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SAN DIEGO, CA – When it comes to owning San Diego Rental Property one thing you know for certain as a landlord is that situations change, tenants come and go, and you may come a tenant who needs to change the terms of their Tenancy.

A common form of this can come in the way of subletting a room or the entire property. This happens for a myriad of reason stemming from the loss of a job, a roommate, the need to relocate, or just as a way to save money. If handled correctly, subletting is normal process when you are a residential landlord.

When Is Subletting Okay?

Some leases say that subletting is not allowed; or if it is allowed, only with the expressed permission of the Landlord. This is the key to success…you as a landlord have to be involved in approving the sublessee.  Make sure your rental agreement makes this a requirement for subletting.

What Should You Require For A Tenant To Sublet?

Besides having the new tenant sign a sublease application, you should still have time to do a background check on the new tenant before they sublet your San Diego Rental Property, and you should also require your tenant to take pictures of the property before they sublet it just so you know of the condition of the rental after the subletting tenant moves out.

Is It Better To Trade Out Tenants?

Often times, it may be more beneficial to simply release the current Tenant in order to start fresh with a new Tenant. The key is making sure that you as the Landlord are in a position to continue to get the rent. Whether it is trading out roommates on an existing lease or taking in a whole new set of Tenants, it is important to make sure that you are comfortable with the new Tenants. As mentioned before, the only way to do this is to have any new or potential renters go through the complete screening process. If they are equal to or better than the Tenants requesting to vacate or be removed from the lease, then you should have minimal issues moving forward.

Conducting Inspections

When you sublet, whether its changing out the Tenant or just roommates, then you most likely will not conduct a property inspection. It is the sublessor who is responsible for working through property condition and security deposit issues with the Sublessee. However, when you terminate leases to change out Tenants (ie old Tenant moves out, you sign an early termination addendum; new Tenants signs a new lease to move-in) this would be when you would conduct inspections. You would conduct a move-out walk thru and refund of the security deposit with the outgoing Tenants, and of course a move-in walk thru and collection of security deposit from the new Tenant.

Not matter what, make sure everything you agree to is not just in writing, but fully executed by all parties (landlord, tenant and sublessees).

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