The West Coast Still Rocks For Real Estate Investor ROI


Are you thinking about investing in new rental properties but can’t decide if you should invest in rentals on the East Coast or West Coast? The rental property market is booming across the United States but thanks to the 2015 Rental Ranking Report we know that markets along the West Coast continue to outperform other cities across the United States.

Why Buy A Rental In The West Coast?

Besides the sunshine that can be found on the West Coast another great reason to buy a rental property in a location like San Diego is that we have one of the lowest vacancy rates in the United States which is currently at 3.43%, when a typical vacancy rate is normally considered to be “healthy” when it’s at 7%.

Although the vacancy rate in San Diego’s Rental Market is low, this has produced an excellent ROI for landlords and property owners who are searching for great real estate investment opportunities here.


Job Growth

Sunshine can’t be the only thing that brings people to the West Coast, another big reason why people are moving here is job growth and in San Diego, we’ve seen 12.20% job growth in the last year, and SD is attracting well-educated renters and entrepreneurs to the area since our city is a gateway to Latin America and Pacific Trade.

Buy West Coast Rentals

Investors who already own rental properties in San Diego and elsewhere on the West Coast are doing great and seeing a nice return on their investments but the good news is there is still plenty of opportunities left for you to jump in and buy a West Coast rental property for your portfolio especially thanks to low mortgage interest rates and high demand for rentals.

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