City of San Diego Eviction Moratorium Extension Approved Until September 30th

SAN DIEGO, CA – With tenants continuing to struggle financially during the Covid-19 pandemic, the San Diego City Council approved an extension of the city’s eviction moratorium until September 30th.

Since the City of San Diego’s eviction moratorium was slated to expire on 7/1, the city council approved the extension just in time. The extension of the eviction moratorium gives residents who are struggling financially due to the pandemic time to contact their landlords in writing, one day before their rent is due, to notify them that they are unable to pay.

About The San Diego Eviction Moratorium

Tenants who are struggling financially and unable to pay rent must provide proof that their financial hardship is due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Once they do so, landlords are encouraged to work with their tenants to come out with a payment plan with their tenants so that they can collect some rent rather than nothing.

Besides protecting tenants who are struggling financially during the Covid-19 pandemic, the City of San Diego eviction moratorium also protects business owners who are unable to pay their lease payments or rents during the pandemic.

The City of San Diego eviction moratorium has been in effect now since March 25th, and the current extension gives residential and commercial tenants more time to get back on track financially plus make financial arrangements with their landlords if they are unable to pay their rents due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

City Council Members also voted to establish a rental assistance program that’s been funded with more than $15 million in Covid-19 relief funds from the Federal Government.

What About Owners?

There’s no denying that the Covid-19 pandemic has affected tenants in San Diego, and across the United States, but the big question is what’s being done to help owners?

Since the beginning of Coronavirus, and lockdowns across California, the consensus among most lawmakers in California is that landlords can “take it on the chin” and make it through months without collecting rent.

Sadly, with most owners in California being mom and pop landlords who rely on the income from their rental properties, their incomes have been greatly reduced and more than $1 billion in rent has not been collected.

As we move into the summer months, more owners across the state are uniting to challenge the State of California’s eviction moratorium since a severe economic burden is being placed on the backs of landlords.

Yes, the eviction moratorium is a critical public health protection that’s keeping people off the streets but more work needs to be done to help landlords in California avoid going into default as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic.

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