For Rent in Las Vegas – 6 Online Listing Mistakes You Should Avoid


LAS VEGAS, NV. – For some people, one of the hardest things to do is to promote their home, apartment, condo or town home for rent in Las Vegas on the Internet because they are good with many things but listing a property isn’t something they excel at.

If you find yourself if a similar situation you’re not alone, this article will provide you with listing mistakes you want to avoid so that you will be prepared when it comes time to list your rental.

Mistake #1 – Photos that use Poor Lighting

Yes, it’s true, using poor lighting is actually one of the top mistakes that most landlords and property owners make when promoting their listings online. When a prospective renter sees a rental that has terrible photos they don’t take the time to look at your home in depth; they will continue searching for another listing rather than inquiring about that rental.

To avoid this problem when photographing your rental property, hire a professional. If you don’t want to spend the month then remember to use plenty of lighting indoors and keep the curtains open on cloudy days so that it’s easy for someone to see all of the features that your rental offers them when they view the listing online.

Mistake #2 – Not Staging the Rental for Photos

The key to success with promoting a home for rent in Las Vegas online is actually staging the rental so that when you promote it the rental will look lived in. To do this you should either rent furniture to stage the property for the day or ask your current tenant if you can take pictures of the inside of the rental property before they move out. Taking photos of your home vacant isn’t the end of the world, but the pictures don’t “pop” as well. But you have to avoid background “trash.” Clutter, boxes, misplaced items that just make the pictures look tacky.

Mistake #3 – Taking Pictures With Your Phone

Although you may have a new phone, most don’t take great photos. More importantly, you may not know how to manipulate the phone to at least enhance the photos. If you or a friend has a nice digital camera, this can make all the difference. Again, hiring a professional for $125 – $200 is great.

Promote Your Property for Rent in Las Vegas

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