How To Keep Your Investment Property In Good Condition

Are you planning on buying a new investment property? If so, one of the keys to success with owning that property is keeping it in good condition.

The condition of your property is important because a rental property that’s in poor condition isn’t going to rent for top dollar, regardless of the location.

Tenants want to live in rentals that have been maintained over the years, have no deferred maintenance issues, and show signs of pride of ownership inside and outside of the property.

In this article we will offer you several tips that you should use for keeping your rental property in great shape.

Tips For Keeping Your Investment Property In Great Shape

Tip #1 – Always deal with small repairs first – This is important because letting small repairs go means that they could turn into bigger repairs later on, so it’s best to resolve those issues now, especially if you don’t want to pay more money take care of them later.

Tip #2 – Focus On Habitation, Before Cosmetic – Besides dealing with small repairs first, you should also focus on taking care of habitation repairs, before dealing with cosmetic repairs. This is important because if a property isn’t in inhabitable condition, you’re going to lose money.

Tip #3 – Make Sure The A/C Is Always Working – It doesn’t matter how beautiful your property is, as long as the central air conditioning isn’t working, you’re going to have unhappy tenants who will eventually move.

HVAC repairs are not expensive, and regular HVAC checkups can save you hundreds of dollars in maintenance costs so it’s best to make sure that you are always knowledgeable about the condition of the HVAC unit at your rental property.

Tip #4 – Invest In Pest Control – There’s nothing worse than dealing with pests because, once they move in, they don’t like to move out. To avoid the hassle of pests, it’s best to invest in pest control to regularly spray the inside and outside of your property; this will keep the pests away and keep your tenants happy as well.

Tip #5 – Have Regular Inspections – Whenever a new tenant moves in, you should make it a priority to have your property inspected every six months. This is important because, regular inspections will allow you to fix problem areas, instead of leaving those maintenance issues unresolved until your tenant moves out.

During the inspection, make sure you document every part of the property because proper documentation will eliminate ‘he-said-she-said’ disputes regarding damages.

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