How to Make Your Older San Diego Rental Property Stand Out From Newer Rentals

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Over the last five years, we’ve had a lot of new apartment, condo and town home construction around San Diego, especially in North County, and some people who own older San Diego rental properties might be wondering how they can make their older rentals stand out from the newer rentals on the market.

In this article, we will share with you several tips you can use to make an older rental property in San Diego stand out in a competitive rental market.

Step #1 – Publicize the Best Features That Your San Diego Rental Offers

Does your San Diego rental property have a two car garage, walk-in closet or built-ins? If so, you shouldn’t hesitate to publicize the best features that your rental offers because it’s those very features that will interest the right San Diego renters.

Step #2 – Talk about the Lifestyle

Are there dozens of small cafes or coffee shops within 10 minutes of your San Diego rental? Lifestyle is important to every renter and when you advertise your rental property you should always talk about the things to do or lifestyle that a renter can enjoy when they choose to rent your property.

Step #3 – Get Professional Photography For Your San Diego Rental 

For an extra $100 – $200 you can have the best photos (including drone aerial) of your property. Consumer magazine states that Tenants only look thru the first 3 photos so it’s important to organize the “money shots” to attract online viewers.

Step #4 – Get Creative

Focus on the Move-in Special portion: First month’s free or 50% off first month’s rent with excellent credit or references. We don’t recommend splitting up the security deposit or offering specials for people that don’t meet a certain benchmark criteria.

Get Property Management for Your San Diego Rental Property

For affordable property management for your San Diego rental property contact Goldenwest Management, Inc today by calling us at (858) 792-3442 or click here to connect with us online.



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