SB 151 – What Is It? How Does It Affect Renters in Nevada?

LAS VEGAS, NV. – 2019 is shaping up to be a big year for owners and renters in Nevada, mainly thanks to SB 151, new tenant protection legislation that officially went into effect on July 1st, 2019.

In this article, we will break down SB 151 so that anyone who owns or rents a property in the State of Nevada will be more aware of how this new legislation affects them.

What Is SB 151?

SB 151 provides tenants with more time to deal with the consequences of eviction after they have had an eviction notice posted on their home.

If an evictions notice is posted on a tenant home, they will now have seven judicial days to pay their rent or quit.  The previous time frame was five calendar days, that Nevada tenants had before this legislation was passed.

With SB 151, the period of time that a constable has to remove tenants from a rental property has been increased from not later than 24 hours after they’ve posted the notice to no earlier than 24 hours after the evictions notice has been posted.

SB 151 also keeps the amount of time a person has after receiving a written notice to surrender real property or mobile home to 3 days unless the property transferred in a residential sale, and clarifies that the new owner has the same rights, obligations, and liabilities as of the previous owner.

Last, of all, this new housing legislation also enables an owner to utilize an attorney or agent to prosecute the eviction action on their behalf. Eviction service companies now have to obtain a process server permit/license in order to properly serve notice to pay or quits.

Controversial Bill

With more tenant protections bills being passed across the United States, lawmakers in Nevada had been eager to get SB 151 passed although the bill was widely opposed by most business organizations in Nevada including Nevada Realtors®.

The people most affected are landlords who are either self-managing or those who have property managers doing all the court and notice service in house. They will now need to go find a permitted process server to carry out these tasks.

Tenant’s groups have said that the bill will improve tenants’ rights in Nevada by giving them more time to go through the evictions process. The bill’s language also states that a landlord must allow tenants the right to enter their rental properties for essential items or lifesaving medicines after they’ve been evicted.

Organizations who opposed SB 151 claim that by giving tenants more time to go through the evictions process, this will make it more difficult for owners to get their properties back on the rental market.

Now Effective as Of July 1st, 2019

Regardless of the opposition, SB 151 is now law as of July 1st, 2019 and this also means that owners have to update their residential lease agreements to reflect the new language since the changes from this law have now gone into effect.

GoldenWest is already ahead of the game when it comes to eviction service. GWM works with a third eviction specialist to ensure notices are processed appropriately. Our system already accounts for the longer process times, so we will still be prepared to file in court by the 16th of each month. Finally, GWM always has a licensed manager ready to handle court appearances for contested evictions or constable meet up for lockouts.

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