Should a landlord do repairs at the rental property?

By GoldenWest Management, Inc

As a longtime property management company who manages over 1,000 rental properties in three states we’ve been asked many property management questions over the years and one of those top questions is “should a landlord do repairs at the rental property?”. The answer to this question is always no.

Landlords in most states (including California) are required to make sure that a rental property can be classified as being in “habitable condition” before the tenant moves in but the reality is that a landlord should not attempt to perform maintenance at the rental property themselves.

Why Landlords Should Not Make Repairs Themselves

Even though most landlords want to offer their tenants a habitable rental property the reality is that it’s not a good idea for the landlord to perform maintenance themselves because of the following reasons:

  • Most landlords are inexperienced in State / Local contracting laws so it’s best to let a property management company handle repairs to ensure that they are done up to code.
  • Hiring a property management company to make the repairs at the rental property takes the landlord out of the picture and ensure that repairs or maintenance are completed by a professional.
  • Outsourcing repairs and maintenance to a property management company ensures a high-level of service for the tenant. This has proven to increase lease renewals because tenants like to have their needs cared for on time by professionals.
  • Choosing a property management company to handle repairs and maintenance will ensure that landlord-tenant laws are followed and a notice to enter is posted on the property before the maintenance or repair person enters the property.

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