Tips for Getting Your Rental Property Ready for Winter

Winter is on its way and it doesn’t matter if you live in San Diego, Las Vegas or Phoenix (where we manage rentals), the weather is changing, and it’s important for landlords to be ready for the change in the weather by following these tips.

Tip #1 – Get Your Furnace or Fireplace Ready for Fall

Since most of us use our furnaces or fireplaces for only 4-5 months out of the year, it’s highly likely that your tenant hasn’t used theirs since the spring or winter. This is why you should hire an HVAC professional to check your rental property furnace, fireplace and ductwork to verify that they are all working properly.

Tip #2 – Check Doors and Windows

If you plan on inspecting your rental properties yourself you should also check the doors and windows on your rental property as well to make sure that their seals are still in proper working condition plus the locks on the doors and windows don’t need to be replaced.

Tip #3 – Clean the Gutters

In San Diego we get most of our rainfall between January and March of every year then for the remaining months of the year it’s pretty dry. The same is true for Phoenix and Las Vegas but this doesn’t mean that you should neglect the gutters on your investment property. You should have those checked this fall and cleaned (if needed) just so they are able to function properly when the rainy season arrives.

Tip #4 – Look for Cracks in Concrete

We all know that hot summer temperatures can cause concrete to crack, especially in Arizona and Nevada so another important thing that you should do during the fall is to fill the cracks in concrete walls or your property’s concrete slab. Doing this will help to protect your home from uninvited guests who might see those gaps in the concrete as a way to enter your property and call it home.

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Another great thing that you can do to get your rental property ready for summer, especially if you’re managing it yourself, is to hire a property manager. Hiring a property management company will save you the time and money of managing your rental property yourself plus ensure that you’re getting the best ROI from your rental.

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