What to Do as Soon as Your Tenant Gives You Notice

During the years that you own rental properties in San Diego, Phoenix, or Las Vegas, you will without a doubt receive notification from at least one or more of your tenants when they are planning on giving you notice and moving out of the rental properties. This is to be expected because owning a rental property is a numbers game and you can expect to rent to a fair share of tenants over the years who will only be interested in renting from you for one year, while you may attract a small group of tenants who will be interested in renewing their leases and staying with you for more than one year.

Although it’s not fun, once your tenant gives you notice and informs you that they will be moving out of the rental property there are a series of things that you should do as soon as you receive notice from them including the following:

#1 – Review Their Lease

The first thing that you want to do as soon as your tenant gives you notice and informs you that they will be moving out of their rental property is to pull their lease to make sure that it has expired by the time that they move out plus you also want to confirm that they’ve given you sufficient notice as well.

#2 – Schedule A Move out Inspection

Once you review your tenant’s lease, you should next take the time to schedule a move out inspection just so that you can verify the current condition of the rental property and point out to your tenant any repairs in the rental that they should consider repairing before they move out.

#3 – Inform Your Tenant of When They Can Expect the Deposit Return

Last of all, but most important, after you’ve inspected your rental property you should next inform your tenant about when they can expect to have all or a portion of their deposit returned.


If you have to use a portion of your tenant’s deposit, make sure that you let your tenant know how much of the deposit was used, and what it was used for, just so they are fully aware and will not expect a full deposit return.

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