What to Do When A Tenant Wants to Terminate Their Lease Early

Over the years that you own an investment property in Las Vegas, Phoenix or San Diego, you may encounter at least one tenant who wants to break their lease early. This is to be expected because there are a variety of reasons why a tenant may need to break their lease while they are renting from you.

Before falling back on your lease, or penalizing your tenant for wanting to terminate early, there are a variety of things that you should consider before responding to your tenant’s request to terminate their lease.

Find Out Why They Want to Terminate Their Lease

Although it’s natural for any landlord to want to take the hardline approach with their tenant regarding their desire to terminate their lease, the reality is that there are a variety of things that you should take into consideration regarding your tenant’s reason for them wanting to break their lease

Military Deployment – The first reason why you should be willing to let your tenant terminate their lease early as if they’re in the military and deployed. Since 9/11, our military has had to work harder than ever before so it makes sense to be compassionate with a member of the Armed Forces if they tell you that the reason why they have to break their lease is that they’ve been deployed.

Domestic Violence – Another excellent reason to let your tenant out of their lease is If they’ve been the victim of domestic violence. This is an important thing to consider because, even if the state where your rental property is located doesn’t have any specific laws on the books protecting victims of domestic violence, you should seriously consider letting them out of their lease especially if their safety is at stake.

Job Loss – Let’s say that your tenant has informed you that they’ve lost their job and are unable to find another job in the city or town where your investment property is located. In this situation, you should also consider showing compassion and be willing to let them terminate their lease rather than forcing them to fulfill the remaining months that they may have left with you.

Some of the other reasons to consider letting your tenant terminate their lease include if the property that they’re renting from you is uninhabitable.

In cases where you may have inadvertently violated your tenants’ rights by entering the rental property without providing them with a 24-hour notice to enter, your tenant is to provide you with a written warning telling you that you must stop coming around the rental property unannounced.

If you continue showing up unannounced, they have every right to terminate their lease without having to worry about dealing with repercussions from you.

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